Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Laughing Lion Herbs, we work very hard to ensure that you are absolutely thrilled with each and every purchase! We want you to know that if you ever have any questions, issues, complaints, or concerns, we are here to listen! or anytime you feel that your order doesn’t live up to our standards or your own standards, please contact us by phone or email (below) and we will either replace or refund the product (within three days of purchase)*. We think of each and every customer as a member of our family–friends–individuals… who all have unique needs and concerns. We care deeply and we will always make it right!

Return or Refund must be requested within three (3) days of delivery of the product.  Our Policy is to only consider returns within the first 3 days of arrival of the product, but at the sole discretion of management we may extend that policy up to 30 days. This is to prevent abuse of our return system which was very frequent 

*WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE RETURNS OR EXCHANGES TO PEOPLE WHO ABUSE OUR POLICY*  (Our staff determine If this is happening) Kratom Is a natural product and has normal variance. We cannot standardize the product.  Employees have the right to notify you that you will no longer be eligible for our guarantee without prior notice.  Note that replacement of product is limited to amount of product returned. (i.e. regardless of the original size of the order we will weigh the returned amount and replace the same amount)