American Kratom Association

Laughing Lion Herbs is PROUD to Partner with the American Kratom Association!

We are offering to match ANY donations made from Colorado AKA supporters to help raise the funds needed to pass the KCPA in the state!*

Need Kratom? We are Colorado's Premier Source for Fair Trade cGMP Organic Kratom

As a member of the AKA's GMP Program, we are proud to be one of the first companies to not only adhere to the requirements that protect you, the consumer, but also to take it several steps further by providing a product that has been homogenized to standardize the quality and effects! When you purchase your kratom from Laughing Lion Herbs, you know that you are buying quality! You know that your product has been tested and verified by 3rd Party Labs to ensure purity, identity, and safety factors. And you know that the kratom is purchased at a fair price from Indonesian farmers who often struggle to feed their families at the ridiculously low prices many vendors pay. On average, Laughing Lion Herbs pays 3x more per kilo than most suppliers in the USA! This allows the farmers to provide a life for their spouses and children, encourages them to adopt safer procedures, not cut the product with non-kratom plants, and ensure that they give us their best products from the get-go! 

So don't risk your health with untested products sold for bargain basement prices... they are usually packaged in someone's basement! Instead, choose Laughing Lion Herbs for the promise of the best product available with the utmost respect for consumer safety... AND some of the Lowest prices in the market for Kratom that is cGMP!


*Limited to predetermined max cap of $7,500. This page will be updated when we reach the cap along with statistics of how much was matched!