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3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Kratom

3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Kratom

Jul 3rd 2019

Kratom has already been consumed for hundreds of years in the parts of Asia where it grows naturally, and it’s finally starting to gain popularity in the United States as well. Customers report using kratom for a wide variety of purposes, and the health and wellness community loves having a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. As a result of the emerging kratom market, there has been an explosion of kratom vendors throughout the United States.

Some of these vendors are extremely reliable and have excellent reviews. Other vendors are not nearly as reputable. Before you purchase kratom, it’s critically important to review all of your options and educate yourself about the product. There’s plenty of information on the internet, and we at Laughing Lion Herbs always recommend that our customers do significant research before they buy kratom online. To help you get started, here are three things you should know before you buy kratom.

1 – The Kratom Community Is Extremely Active

Most people who consume kratom are very vocal about the effects it has on their lives. We notice that many of our customers turn to kratom as they attempt to deal with addiction or other hardships. Others use it as a health and wellness supplement to address any of a wide variety of conditions or ailments. Either way, there are strong communities of kratom enthusiasts online. These people share stories with each other, discuss their experiences with kratom, and offer support as they build relationships.

There are a variety of kratom groups on Facebook, where you might find one that fits well with your experience of this natural plant. It’s also a popular topic of discussion in online forums like Reddit, which is a fantastic place to find more information about kratom. One of the biggest examples of a time when the kratom community banded together was when it appeared that the DEA was about to make kratom illegal in the United States.

The FDA wants to make kratom illegal, and they’ve been leaning on the DEA to classify it as a Schedule I substance. When the organization announced that they were about to outlaw kratom, there was an outpouring of support from consumers, concerned citizens, researchers, and medical professionals. Doctors and attorneys wrote open letters defending kratom and describing the potential benefits they thought it could have. Customers shared heartfelt stories about how they consumed kratom while they were going through opioid withdrawals and freed themselves from prescription drug addiction. There were protests in Washington, D.C.

One of the biggest goals of various communities within the kratom world is to keep this supplement legal. Many psychological researchers, medical professionals, kratom consumers, and their family members look forward to learning more about the potential uses of kratom. To achieve that, kratom will have to be legal until it can be studied in controlled scientific environments.

There are several ways to help join the fight in the war on kratom. One is to be a vocal advocate as you join these communities online and in the physical world. By sharing your own stories about positive experiences with kratom, you give credence to the potential of this wonderful natural supplement. Another way is to donate to organizations that are standing up to the FDA and fighting to help people keep their safe and legal access to kratom through a controlled market. We personally recommend the American Kratom Association! They are the reason we are still able to enjoy kratom legally in the USA! You can also reach out to your government officials and let them know how much kratom means to you.

Social media and email outreach are certainly the easiest way to reach out, but it’s also the least effective. It’s better than nothing, but most members of the government aren’t reading most of the electronic messages they receive. The next best way is to mail a physical letter. There’s still a decent chance you won’t receive any response to your physical letter, but some say these are more likely to get read than emails are. The best way seems to be to call the office of your representatives.

Some of these offices use gatekeeping techniques to help deny the citizens access to their politicians. For example, you may have to navigate through an annoying automated phone answering system. If you’re persistent, though, this is the best opportunity to advance the cause and help keep kratom legal in the United States. Regardless of how active you want to be in the effort to fight for kratom, it’s nice to know you have so much support.

2 - Different Types of Kratom Strains

Kratom is generally classified by the color of the leaf veins. Some customers report that different kratom strains have different effects on them. It’s important to note that terms like Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, Hulu, Sumatra, Indo, Borneo, and others are all just assigned by the farmers and producers of kratom. For example, Maeng Da is used to denote that these leaves are the strongest the farmers harvested. As far as objective differences, it’s best to think of the strains in terms of the white vein, red vein, and green vein.

There’s not much scientific evidence to suggest huge differences in the way kratom strains affect people, but posts in places like contain anecdotal stories about people who claim to have different experiences depending on the type of kratom they consume. These posters generally to agree on the following about the different strains by kratom leaf vein color:

  1. White Vein – White vein kratom is simply young leaves from the green-veined kratom plant– these leaves are harvested before the veins have matured enough to turn green. Consumers often say white vein kratom supports mood, contributes to increased energy and metabolism, and supports tension reduction for relaxed wellbeing.
  2. Red Vein – Customers are especially fond of red vein kratom because they say they use it to support relaxation, address minor aches and pains, and support restful sleep. It’s popular among people who are withdrawing from opiates.
  3. Green Vein – Green vein kratom comes from the same tree as the white vein type but has been given time to mature. Some people say this is the strongest type, and that they use small doses for stimulation or larger amounts to address their concerns for minor aches and pain. 

3 - How to Enjoy Kratom Safely and Responsibly

The most important thing you need to learn about kratom before you buy it is how to use kratom responsibly. Here are some quick and easy tips that will help you have a better experience:

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY Talk to your doctor before starting any Kratom use!
  • Store kratom powder in a cool, dark, dry place.
  • Know if kratom is legal where you live. It’s legal in the United States but has been banned in some specific cities and states. Check here for a list 
  • Don’t consume too much kratom. Most experts discuss erring on the side of smaller doses until they know how it will affect them.
  • Buy from a trustworthy vendor. This is extremely important because kratom is not always closely regulated. If natural kratom capsules or powder have been mixed with something else, it can be dangerous. Only consider top shelf kratom blends.

Premium Kratom for Sale

We at Laughing Lion Herbs take great pride in giving our customers access to the very finest premium kratom available. We carefully source our kratom to deliver a product that’s consistent, safe, and pure. We also stand by everything we do, so our customer service team will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about this amazing natural plant, or order online today!