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CBD Hemp Oil for Sleep

CBD Hemp Oil for Sleep

Sep 16th 2019

The first known consumption of cannabis for health reasons was thousands of years ago, and not it’s starting to become a popular wellness supplement here in the United States. One of the most common reasons people shop for CBD online is to get help sleeping. Learn more about where this supplement comes from, how to use it, and the benefits of CBD to decide if hemp oil for sleep is right for you.

What is CBD and Where Does it Come From?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a cannabinoid, which means it’s a natural organic compound from cannabis, and it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest natural wellness products in the world. When you shop for CBD online, it’s important to know the differences between the two main categories of cannabis as defined in the United States:

  • Hemp – Hemp is a way to describe any type of cannabis that contains 0.3% THC or less. THC is the ingredient in cannabis that makes people feel high or intoxicated. Since hemp doesn’t contain effective doses of THC, it’s been legalized on a federal level in the United States.
  • Marijuana – Marijuana is what people call cannabis strains with more than 0.3% THC. Marijuana is still illegal on a federal level in the United States, so it’s not an ideal place to get CBD.

In addition to being safe and legal, hemp often offers higher levels of CBD than what you might find in many kinds of marijuana. For that reason, reliable online CBD stores like Laughing Lion Herbs get their cannabidiol from safe, legal, natural hemp.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Sleep

There are all kinds of stories online about the health benefits of hemp, and one of the biggest reasons people use it is to get to sleep and stay asleep. One of the biggest reasons people like CBD hemp oil for sleep is because they say it helps them address the anxiety that would otherwise keep them up at night. 

Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids from hemp oil interact with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which already helps regulate a variety of functions throughout the body.

One of the ways the endocannabinoid system works is to help moderate functions like sleep and mood. For that reason, people like to take supplemental CBD oil as a way to optimize their endocannabinoid system. 

Many people have said that natural hemp supplements have helped them correct their sleep cycle, especially when they were having trouble relaxing at night and preparing for bed. Reports from real people online are overwhelming in their support for the benefits of CBD on sleep, and we’re still waiting to see the results of scientific research studies.

How to Use CBD Oil for Sleep

When you want to use natural hemp products to help yourself sleep, you have lots of options. You can find everything from tinctures and capsules to vape oil or edibles in online CBD stores

Using tinctures or vaping CBD are thought to have the fastest effects, but it’s completely up to you, especially if you’re willing to plan your dose a little bit in advance before you want to go to bed. Just pick an option that you can enjoy taking, because the most effective supplement is the one you actually use.

How Much CBD Hemp Oil to Take for Sleep

As far as picking the right dose of CBD hemp oil for sleep, it will depend somewhat on how well your body can process the cannabidiol. We always recommend starting with the lowest effective dose, then increasing the size over time as needed. 

Most sources consider a normal serving size of CBD hemp oil to be anywhere in the neighborhood of 10mg to 20mg. If that serving size isn’t enough for your body, you can try increasing it gradually until you’re getting the effects you want.

Causes of Insomnia

As you explore the benefits of CBD for addressing insomnia, it’s important to understand the condition you’re dealing with. It seems to be slightly more common in the elderly and in women, especially women who have had children. 

A larger percentage of people have reported having occasional sleeping problems– chronic insomnia is slightly rarer, but still a common problem.

The most common causes of insomnia include all of the following and more:

  • Blue light from phones, computers, and other screens before bedtime
  • Keeping the TV on while you try to sleep
  • Hyperactivity and anxiety
  • Hormones from menstruation, menopause, or other situations
  • IBS or other conditions that require frequent trips to the bathroom
  • Caffeine, alcohol, or other drugs that affect sleep
  • Restlessness or excessive energy
  • Chronic pain and other types of physical discomfort
  • Disruptions to the sleep and wake cycle

CBD Vs. Other Sleeping Medications

One of the great things about CBD compared to other sleeping medications is that people report less negative side effects. Scientific groups including the World Health Organization have said that CBD has not shown potential for abuse, dependence, or withdrawal. 

Prescription drugs for sleep, on the other hand, can have side effects like anxiety, depression, intoxicating effects like impaired driving, addiction, and withdrawal. People like to try CBD hemp oil for sleep before they turn to pharmaceutical drugs that bind to histamine and benzodiazepine receptors.

Is It Dangerous to Use CBD Oil for Sleep?

Even though the relative lack of known side effects compared to other sleep remedies is one of the biggest benefits of CBD for sleep, we still need more research before we can make conclusive health statements. 

As such, many people like to have a discussion with their doctor before they start taking any kind of supplement. It’s especially important to consult with a medical professional if you’re pregnant, nursing, or taking other medications.

Is CBD Legal? Will CBD Hemp Oil Make Me High?

To put it simply, CBD is safe and legal as long as it comes from hemp. Hemp has been legalized on a national level in the United States. It does not contain THC that can make people high or intoxicated, and cannabidiol will not make people fail drug tests. Our full-spectrum CBD is from safe, legal hemp.

CBD Isolate Vs. Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Sleep

Some people like to take only CBD, which has been isolated from the other cannabinoids in hemp. Other experts like to take a full-plant approach, which includes other cannabinoids like terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids from hemp. At Laughing Lion Herbs, we use full spectrum CBD hemp oil to help people get the full effects from every organic compound in the hemp plant. Industry experts are starting to look into the entourage effect, or the way cannabinoids may have more benefits when they work in concert with all the other organic compounds in hemp.

CBD Hemp Oil for Sleep for Sale Online

We at Laughing Lion Herbs are proud to offer the best full-spectrum CBD hemp oil products available. We use high-quality natural hemp and state of the art extraction processes to create powerful, consistent, safe doses of cannabidiol. If you have any questions about our best natural remedies for sleep, feel free to contact us online.