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Does Kratom Cause Seizures?

Mar 8th 2019

There is a lot of misinformation about kratom, which can make it hard for health and wellness enthusiasts to find the truth. The most important thing is to get your information from reliable sources that are committed to telling the truth about kratom. Some media sources and even the FDA have used intentionally misleading information to confuse the public when it comes to this natural supplement. Learn the truth about kratom by reading the answers below and conducting other research from trusted sources.

Can Kratom Cause Seizures?

There has been at least one reported case of kratom contributing to seizures. A 19 year old male was using abnormally high doses of kratom every single day to help address his anxiety, and eventually experienced seizures. This patient was started on anti-seizure medication, and his seizures subsided once he completed rehabilitation.

This one case suggests that kratom may have contributed to the patient’s seizures, though that side effect is extremely uncommon throughout all of the other research that exists about kratom. There are many other causes that have been linked to seizures by medical professionals, including the following:

• Alcohol - Beer, wine, and liquor have been known to disrupt normal electrical activity in the human brain. Especially in large quantities, alcohol may cause a seizure.

• Caffeine - This stimulant is one of the most popular drugs in the United States, and is commonly consumed in coffee, soda, chocolate, and energy drinks. Large enough quantities can interrupt electrical signals in a bran and lead to seizures.

• Nicotine - Much like caffeine, this stimulant can interrupt normal brain activity. Heavy nicotine consumers experience more risk.

Other factors like stress, sleep deprivation, visual stimulation, and drug abuse have all been linked to seizures. Responsible kratom consumption is not currently believed to put a person at higher risk of seizures. Use the same level of moderation you would for caffeine or anything else, and consult with a medical professional before every using kratom or if you start to experience problems of any sort after using kratom.

Is Kratom an Opioid Like Heroin?

Another common kratom myth is that is a normal opioid. In reality, kratom is very different from drugs like heroin, oxycodone, and other full opioid agonists. Kratom can interact with some of the opioid receptors in a human brain, but is only a partial agonist. Leading members of the medical community suggest that this partial effect is what gives kratom so much potential.

Kratom will not produce such powerful effects like other classic opioids, which is great news for the health and wellness community. There is a significant body of evidence that suggests there is much less risk for abuse and dependence with kratom than there is with opioids like heroin, morphine, or oxycodone.

Further, there is evidence that kratom will not depress the respiratory system. Depression of the respiratory system is one of the most common causes for opioid-related overdose deaths. Since kratom does not produce this kind of effect, many scientists believe it’s much less likely to cause overdoses.

Can Kratom Cause Overdose Deaths?

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has claimed at times that kratom is responsible for more than 44 deaths. This is intentionally misleading, and most independent professionals in the medical science world are unconvinced that kratom leads to overdose deaths.

Recently published studies have stated that there is no evidence that any overdose deaths are directly linked to kratom. Nearly all of the fatalities reported in relation to kratom involve people who had multiple substances present in their systems at the time of their death. There is no well-sourced evidence to suggest that responsible kratom use can lead to fatality for healthy adults.

On the contrary, more than 115 Americans die every day because of classic opioids according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDU). The lack of fatalities among 15+ million responsible kratom consumers suggests that the FDA is wrong.

Should Kratom Be Illegal?

The FDA is pushing the DEA to classify kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance in the United States, which would make it illegal. Such a decision could be detrimental to the millions of people who use kratom safely and responsibly to enhance their lives and address ailments. Given the FDA’s own abuse potential assessment guidelines, there is no current reason to outlaw kratom.

There is no current evidence of any sort of prevalent kratom abuse. Because there is little risk of abuse, overdose, or death, it would be extremely excessive to start a kratom prohibition in the United States. Scheduling this plant as a controlled substance would do two main damages to the American public:

• It would deny people access to the kratom they are already using safely. These existing consumers may turn to other, more dangerous sources for relief.

• Outlawing kratom would prevent further research into this natural plant. Many independent scientists want to conduct further investigations into kratom’s potential to address pain, and they depend on its legality to carry out their studies.

Is Kratom Held to Production Standards?

While kratom has not yet been approved by the FDA, its production and distribution should be regulated. The AKA has started their own GMP program which we here at Laughing Lion are participating in and we expect full compliance by Fall of 2019.

Manufacturing principles are designed to ensure that kratom powder is tested for quality and purity. Manufacturers can even receive Food Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification if they exceed all standards for safe production.

Part of this effort is designed to support age restrictions and effective labelling. This effort helps prevent children from consuming kratom, and makes sure people know exactly what they’re getting. The kratom industry is ultimately centered around health and wellness, so leading producers like Laughing Lion are committed to promoting safe and responsible consumption.

Best Place to Buy Kratom

One of the most important ways to educate yourself about kratom is through knowing which resources are reliable. It’s important to find trustworthy sources for information about kratom, and even more important to find trustworthy sources of kratom itself. Most unintended side effects from kratom are caused by impure powder that contains other drugs or kratom extracts.

To learn more about safe kratom, contact us online. Our friendly staff will be happy to tell you everything they know about where kratom comes from and how we maintain the integrety of the product and how we manufacgture it safely and responsibly.