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Town of Monument's Decision to place 90 day hold on new Kratom business license approvals

Posted by Matthew Frank on May 20th 2019

About 3 weeks ago, we applied for a business license in the town of Monument. Our current facility is a manufacturing warehouse and small retail shop in the same building. We are not in a "retail center" by any means and we are running out of space for our growing product lines which will include bulk herbs and be named "Rainforest Apothecary by Laughing Lion". Having lived here most of my life, I knew that Monument would likely have many questions about our business and primarily about Kratom and possibly CBD. I did not expect an approval for our request, and frankly, suspected something like this would happen. (

KOAA Sent a reporter out to our store today to interview me to get our side of the story and in his words, he was "shocked" at our response. While I was unfortunately unable to get to the Town Hall meeting before the topic was introduced and voted on, I simply wanted to express my gratitude that they were looking at Kratom not as a massive red flag and something to be banned, but instead, looking at a way to properly regulate it in our town so its citizens are safe.  (Look on KOAA's new at 10pm tonight to see the interview! Channel 5 NBC)

I started LLH in 2015 with the intention to help others like myself! I've gone from being a man who could barely stay out of bed for more than a few hours every day to a man who runs a very successful business while keeping up with my two young boys, spending 4-6 hours a week training in advanced Kenpo Karate, and active in the community and outdoor living like Camping and Fishing and Rock Climbing!

5 years ago I never dreamt I'd be able to have all that back, but I'm so grateful to the Lord for getting it back!

From the beginning we have fought for Kratom to be sold and manufactured in a responsible way. We have always held ourselves to the highest standards with adhering to GMP protocols and keeping the product from becoming adulterated or contaminated.We always Lab Test every batch to ensure purity and cleanliness, and very soon we will be sterilizing all of our batches to double protect our customers!

In addition, we are spending money and time investing in a clean room build-out and full cGMP compliance with the AKA's program (which we are already members of). See here - and have always ONLY sold to adults 18 years and older. 

In respect to the City of Denver's law right now, we also only sell Kratom as a non-consumable with our packaging clearly stating the objections the FDA has as well as that we cannot make health claims or discuss the consumption of the product. We aim to adhere to every Federal and local law requirement because our goal is to HELP PEOPLE, not make quick money and get out before it's too late! We stand strong for Kratom supporting the REAL science behind it, not the false information so widely perpetuated by some people in the FDA and some news outlets. The REAL science has shown time and time again that Kratom is not killing people and it's not deadly!

In fact, the NIDA has just granted the University of Florida 2x now with a 3.5 Million $ grant and just this month, an additional 3.4 Million $ grant to study Kratom over 5 years not only as it's active alkaloids, but also the effects of the entire plant as a whole! and

So way to go Monument! We thank you for taking the responsible approach here! I have personally emailed each and every Town Trustee with similar information to this blog. We stand firm in our support of you and our town and we thank you for your respect and efforts to do the right thing for your citizens! 

Wishing you all a very fulfilled week and always remember we are only a phone call or email away! Or come by and see us 7 days a week!