"Vendor Hopping" Why It's a Bad Idea! + How to keep your favorite vendor's kratom working for you indefinitely!

"Vendor Hopping" Why It's a Bad Idea! + How to keep your favorite vendor's kratom working for you indefinitely!

Posted by Matthew Frank on Jan 10th 2022

Kratom Hopping... what is it? Why is it a terrible idea?
& How to Fix Tolerance Buildup

History of the Idea

Back when I discovered kratom in 2014 I did what many of you probably have done or are doing. Reading forums, articles, and blog posts about it. You want to adsorb as much information as possible to make sure you make informed decisions about what you ingest into your body. Back then, there was a very strong prevailing thought that you should have at least 4-5 "favorite vendors" in your cycle to buy from so you can keep having the best effects and not lose the amazing effects we all use kratom for. 

Having used kratom every single day without a break now for 8 years, I've learned a tremendous amount about the plant, how it works in the human body, and how to avoid the common pitfalls many of us fall into. I believe the idea came from a number of individuals who experienced what most of us have already or will soon enough... that using the same kratom for long enough results in a reduction of the euphoria, sense of wellbeing, energy, and mental clarity along with all the other effects that we love Kratom for. I love the "warm fuzzies" myself, that sense of wellbeing that brings you into a brighter headspace and helps you through the day with the crazy stress-filled world we live in. 

Yet, I've learned through all these years that Kratom does have an "ebb and flow" to it. That up and down in effects has been traditionally linked to tolerance build-up from using the same kratom over and over. However, I'm here to tell you that's not entirely accurate! In fact, it's almost entirely false!

What Is Tolerance?

Tolerance is a "dirty word" in the Kratom community. If you haven't experienced it yet... you will! Aside from the blessed few who seem to never build a tolerance, all kratom users at some point in their kratom journey will start to experience reduced effects from their kratom. The most common response to this is to increase your dose. We all do it. And it usually works... for awhile. And then it doesn't. Suddenly you can find yourself up to double your original dose and STILL not getting the effects that you had when you started. That "magic" that convinced you that Kratom was the right choice for your life. 

Tolerance is something that happens in the human body to almost any outside supplementation of a substance whether it be a botanical, a pharmaceutical drug, a natural drug such as caffeine, or even sugar. Without going into the boring scientific explanation, your body gets "used" to the substance and begins to "resist" it more. Not in a bad way, but since it's used to the substance, your body no longer reacts as strongly to that substance. 

Kratom in particular has a mild partial agonist attraction to the mu-opiate receptors in the brain. This activity, over time, will create a build-up of tolerance in the brain and sooner or later, those original doses just don't work anymore. 

So how do you fix it? Change vendors to get different kratom right? WRONG! 

Kratom is Kratom is Kratom

Did you know that the VAST majority of the Kratom coming into the United States comes from 1... count it, ONE region? Beyond that, a huge percentage of vendors in the US use the same handful of suppliers in Indonesia? You could literally buy kratom from 10 vendors and get the EXACT SAME SHIPMENT! 

South Kalimantan is where over 90% of kratom is harvested from on the island of Borneo. All of the fancy strain names mean literally nothing in terms of their harvest location. For example, there is currently (as of Jan 2022) any Kratom imported from Thailand or Malaysia (but hopefully Thai kratom is coming soon!). Hulu kratom is authentic as that's part of the West Kali region. The island of Bali does not grow any kratom of any kind! I can go on but you get the idea. If you get kratom from a US supplier you are getting Borneo-grown kratom. Additionally, all of the colors such as "gold" and "chocolate" and names like "Horn" are also completely useless. They are only blends at best or at worst, literally different names slapped on the same product with some natural colors added to change how it looks! Green, red, and white are even a bit deceiving because there is only one kratom tree. There are certainly many genetic types from differing areas but they introduce very tiny changes that are mostly not perceptible to the human body. The colors or strains are mostly differences in how the leaves are harvested, when they are picked in the plant's lifecycle, the age of the plant, and the way they are dried. So don't fall for the misinformation that just because some vendor has a strain that your other vendor doesn't, that it's somehow different. Because, chances are, it's nearly identical.

How to Prevent or Eliminate Tolerance 

Now knowing this, how do you go about preventing that old stinker "tolerance" from rearing its ugly head? The solution is so much simpler than you can imagine! And it doesn't involve having to take a "tolerance break" or switch strains or vendors or any of that nonsense! 

Drop your Dose. That's all it takes! Kratom researchers are finding that it appears that the kratom alkaloids have the ability to help your opiate receptors "reset" themselves. This is what you want to happen to avoid the tolerance build-up. Once you find that you are needing more and more kratom to get what you want out of it, it's as simple as cutting your dose down to what originally worked for you the first time! 

Wait, it can't be that easy can it? It works! EVERY TIME! All you need to do is this:
Let's say that you started with 5g of kratom and a few months down the road (or longer) you find yourself not getting the effects you want at 7 or 8 grams. Even 10 grams seems to not cut it. On your next dose, take your old 5g again. Will it work as well immediately? Not likely. But if you can hold the dose there for 2-3 days you will find that at some point that dose of 5g will kick in again like it used to! No need to stop it entirely, no need to do crazy formulations or jump around to other vendors or even use stem & vein... just drop your dose, hold it a couple days, and you'll find yourself resetting your tolerance just like that!

Why Laughing Lion Over Other Brands as YOUR Only Vendor?

Read more about our company on our About Us Page. However, the reason we believe you should stick with us is because Laughing Lion stands on the rock of Integrity. Everything we do we stand up for the RIGHT thing. We refuse to make medical claims which violate the FDA's rules. We refuse to cut corners on our kratom and we promise you that you will always get our best product, every time! We believe in Fair Trade! That means that we pay our farmers a FAIR wage that allows them to provide for their families (as much as 10-15x more than most vendors are paying in the USA!) which protects the future of kratom by ensuring that farmers don't jump ship to go to more profitable commodities because they are being cheated out of their hard labor!

Laughing Lion will always guarantee our products, our service, and our purity! We don't just "say" that we 3rd party lab test, we actually do it! And we provide the test results to anyone asking at any time! In fact, we are building out our website to provide the test results for every gram of kratom we import into the country so that when we build out our various strains and mixes, you can see that the core "mother" strains used to create those blends are pure, unadulterated, and are as safe as Kratom can be! 

Finally, consistency. Laughing Lion will ALWAYS homogenize our kratom. That means that every batch will be virtually identical! We work hard to blend our products to make sure that what you ordered a month ago will be as good as what you order right now! 

Plus if you stay with us, you earn the most rewards points possible! Get 3% store credit on every order and as you earn more, the rewards get cheaper! Earn free kilos and more just by staying with Laughing Lion! And if you sign up as an affiliate and tell your friends about us, you can earn 25% of their orders they place for the next 90 days! It's a win win!


Never believe what you read online without faction information to back it up or personal experience. I could write this and say whatever I wanted to say. However, I speak from experience! Choose your vendor based on their merit. The best product for the best price with the best consistency, and then stay with them! Use this very simple method to reset your tolerance and you'll be golden! 8 years into my kratom journey and I've used the same vendor now for the entire time! (Yeah, it's Laughing Lion of course!) 

Most of all, be true to yourself. Don't go for the "cheapest" because it's cheap. The risks are far too great. Go for a company like Laughing Lion to ensure that you deal with a company who truly cares. Who's not in it to make a quick buck, but who wants to see people's lives changed, people set free, and people able to enjoy their lives again. That is what drives this CEO. That's what drives my company, Laughing Lion Herbs. We will always stand with our heads held high knowing that we will and always will do our best for each and every one of you! 

Our Lion Pride Family!