*Chemical-Free! 100% Wild Forest Kratom! No Farm Raised Leaf! All of our Kratom is grown and processed without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. (There are no Organic certifying agencies in Indonesia thus we simply call it “organic”)
Disclaimer: **Keep out of reach of Children** Must be 18 years old+ to purchase. All products sold at Laughing Lion Herbs are sold as bulk botanicals with no provided instructions or claims made. If product is in capsules, they are capsulized strictly for proper and easy measurement and separation of the bulk botanicals. Any purchase from Laughing Lion Herbs, it’s affiliates, parent or child companies, or retail brands immediately holds you to our strict Terms and Conditions Policy. Manufacturer of this product takes no responsibility for the misuse of this product.
This botanical has not been evaluated by any regulating industry or government body (i.e. FDA, EPA, DEA) for any use. Know what you are purchasing. Check local laws governing any restrictions of Mitragyna Speciosa. We are not responsible to know all local laws and policies. We will NOT ship to any Kratom restricted states (Current list at: http://speciosa.org/kratom-legality-map/)

GMP Compliance: All products sold in capsule form (except Snore-Lax and Happy Day which are currently packed in our facility) are co-packaged in a GMP Certified Facility. The product labels will specify the name and location of the facility. All bulk powders are filtered, mixed, and packed in our Monument, CO facility which holds to the highest possible standards including full body chem suits, face masks, non-latex gloves, and hair/facial hair nets. We only use GMP compliant equipment and surfaces and cleaners.

Kratom Blends Notice: Due to the type of mixer we use, all blends may be exposed to trace amounts of the following herbs: Blue Lotus, Shilajit, California Poppy, Pajaro, Corydalis, Maytenus laevis, and licorice root as well as other herbs we add in the future. Please contact us if you have ANY Questions about any of these statements by calling 888-89-Kratom or by email at store@laughinglionherbs.com