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What To Do If Kratom Stops Working (Or doesn't work very well anymore)

Kratom is a unique and hard to comprehend plant. In the 5+ years I’ve used Kratom daily, I have discovered a lot of nuances about the plant. You may see a lot of different advice and opinions out there but this is what I’ve discovered:

Kratom can build a tolerance over time. If you’ve used the same strain for a long time or for whatever reason, kratom has ceased providing the effects you want, you will need to try to reset your tolerance. There are a lot of different methods out but we’ve discovered that the vast majority of our customers find success by using this method…

Take at least 2 different strains (ones you’ve not had before or not had in quite some time) we recommend trying Stem & Vein or Mitragyna Javanica as one of the strains and then another of the same color vein you normally use. Split them 50/50 and reduce the dose to the same dose you used when you first started. (i.e. if you used to use 5g per dose for a long while but are now at 10g or more), do 2.5g of each strain and hold it there for 2-3 days. During that time, the dose should “kick in” again and start to work like it used to!  
This is beneficial for those who would have a difficult time taking a full tolerance break due to daily health issues. 

What if Kratom Makes You Feel Ill?

We are not physicians. ALWAYS consult your doctor before consuming Kratom and if you feel you have any dangerously ill effects, go to your doctor or call 911. Please let us know if you have any adverse reactions so we can track it in the event there are ever any issues with the product.(We have never had this happen)

Have you felt the following symptoms?

  • Pressure behind the eyes
  • Trouble Focusing your eyes on objects
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea 
  • Throwing up

These are common symptoms of something called the “Wobbles”. While not proven by science (yet), it appears that there are at least 3 alkaloids in kratom that cause smooth muscles to relax. When you have too much kratom for your own body chemistry, those affect the muscles that control your eyes more than anything else resulting in the wobbles. We believe that the body begins to reject kratom when it’s significantly more than your body wants at that particular time which is what may cause the nausea and/or throwing up.  

The effects usually last less than 3 hours and we’ve found the best way to stop this is to drink lots of water and lie down until it passes. 

Ironically, our bodies can change during the same day causing tolerance to grow or shrink between doses. Maybe it’s a result of weather, barometric pressure, food we’ve eaten, or other substances in our bodies. However, it seems to be more prevalent in those who have to consume higher doses of Kratom than those in lower ranges. 

Just know that there is nothing wrong with our kratom if you get these common symptoms. Our staff personally use the product before we ship it and it has been tested for contaminants, bacteria, and we filter it through industrial sifters before bagging to ensure no foreign particles have made it into the powder. 

Just remember that these effects are often just a result of a little too much (or the wrong strain for you). 

How Do I Know What Kratom Strain To Use Next?

Kratom is classified into 3 primary categories-Green, Red, and White Vein. Beyond the color differences, the actual strains have extremely little difference between them. The power of the mind is so significant (i.e. placebo effect), that we can literally feel completely convinced that Red Bali is a pure red and works to relax so much better than say Red Maeng Da. However, Red Bali is actually only about 2/3 Red and the rest is white vein mixed in! Go to our “about Kratom” pages to learn more about the truth of kratom. There is only “Green, Red, and White”. Every strain is simply a blend made in Indonesia or another part of the forest maybe a couple miles to a couple hundred miles from where the others are harvested.

We classify Kratom users into 3 general categories. There are exceptions to every category but these are the most common: 

  1. Red Vein Lovers:
    1. Like myself, we find that Red Kratom helps us with the effects we want to experience without causing tiredness or a “slowing” of the mind. We often find that Green and/or White strains are too energizing and easily cause the wobbles if we aren’t careful. 
    2. For Red Vein Lovers, we recommend staying with pure red strains (Maeng Da, Hulu, Thai) or blends that are at least 50% red (Fuzzy Blanket, Ryujin, Ignite!, Golden Thai, and Mystery Blend). 
  2. Middle of the Road:
    1. Middle of the Road users are those who often can do well on any strain whether it be Red, White, Green, or a blend. The typically use White’s and Greens in the mornings and during the day for mental clarity, focus, and energy, and reds at night to help relax them to sleep.
    2. We recommend a good assortment of strains. Any of the pure strains will do well for you. But try out some of our amazing blends such as Colorado Sunrise (Green/Red+White), Golden Thai, Apex, Electrobuzz, Fuzzy Blanket (for evenings), and Rocket Fuel.

  3. Energy Lovers: 
    1. These users are often the people who have lower energy overall and want a “pick-me-up” to get through the day’s work. Or they find that White/Green strain’s actually bring a sense of calm and focus to their lives.
    2. These users will like pure white strains as well as White Blends and White/Green Blends and perhaps some blends with some red as long as white is more present. Such as Electrobuzz, Rocket Fuel, Apex, and Ignite!

Also, look into our New Infinity Enhanced strains if you are having trouble finding something you really like. We’ve found that while they contain extract, they seem to help lower overall tolerance when used conservatively (1-2x per day for a week or two with a few full day breaks.) 


Alternate Strains? Why Should We?

When you use kratom, it’s advisable to alternate strains as often as possible. This is because Kratom alkaloids can cause mild tolerance build-up that can cause it to lose effectiveness or cease working much at all. I have found that by using a combination of 2-4 different strains/blends and using at least 2 different ones every day, it will reduce the amount of tolerance build-up. 



Do You Offer Free Samples?

We wish we could do this but we learned early on how many people out there “seek” free samples and rotate through every vendor possible to keep getting more and more free kratom. We had to stop any sample giveaways due to the sheer hundreds of requests we’d get in a given time period. 

We do however, offer great options for cheap! Individual samples of 6-10g are only $3.49 each! A great way to try out our products without any significant costs! Or 75g of kratom is now only $14.97-$16.97! That's 2.6oz!

Why Don't You Offer Free Samples With Purchase?

Laughing Lion has not raised our prices in over 3 years. During that time we have grown dramatically and have become cGMP Qualified which was a very expensive process. We cannot give out freebies and maintain our pricing structure. We could raise our prices and then give away free samples but you’d be paying more than just selecting the samples you want and buying them anyway. We try to be transparent and not play games. That’s why we don’t use gimmicks to try and earn your business. 



How Safe is Kratom?

There has been a lot of misinformation on the internet about Kratom. Especially statements by certain health officials and of course, statements by the FDA (we do not blame the FDA for their stances and we want to work  with them to establish safety guidelines if they will ever agree to do so)

From a scientific standpoint, nothing is without risk… even bottled water has risks from microplastics and heavy metals and other contaminants. It's entirely possible and even likely that with further research, we will find that there are some side effects specifically with interactions with pharmaceutical drugs and maybe certain pre-existing conditions. PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BEFORE STARTING KRATOM!

By following the guidelines set forth by the American Kratom Association’s cGMP program and by insuring that our products meet or exceed the strictest of all dietary supplement guidelines in “Safe Harbor – Prop 65”, we feel confident in selling our products to adults over 18 years old who use it responsibly and for medicinal purposes. We in no way accept any responsibility for effects that kratom has on you or anyone you provide it to. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Here are some great articles about the safety of the plant.

Can I Give Kratom to My Dog or Cat?

Dogs: We have reports from many people who’ve used kratom for their dogs with very good results. We urge you to talk to your vet prior to giving it to your dog however!

Cats: *DO NOT USE* From our research, it appears to be toxic to cats!



My Coupon Isn't Working!

One of the most common questions we get is about coupon codes. Usually, the issue is that the coupon has very specific requirements that must be met BEFORE applying the coupon. Please make sure to read all the details about your coupon before calling us. 

     – If your coupon has a minimum order needed (i.e. $50):
          – You will need to add at least $50 to your cart prior to attempting to apply the code

     – If your coupon gives a free product:
          – You will need to find that product and add it to your shopping cart before adding the coupon. (i.e. Free products are always Vendor’s choice which are found under “Rewards Redemption Products“)

Why Don't You Have More Coupons?

Laughing Lion has not raised our prices in over 3 years. During that time we have grown dramatically and have become cGMP Qualified which was a very expensive process. We cut back on coupons and sales instead of raising those prices.


How does your Same-Day Shipping Work?

We ship out of our Warehouse Monday – Friday. Any order that is paid for before 2pm Mountain Time (4pm Eastern) will ship that same day. We attempt to ship out orders that come in on Saturday as well from our retail stores but it is not a guarantee. 

Why Don't you offer FREE SHIPPING on small orders?

Laughing Lion has not raised our prices in over 3 years. During that time we have grown dramatically and have become cGMP Qualified which was a very expensive process. We cut back on free shipping to only orders over $100 so we could avoid raising prices of products. Anyone that offers free shipping is simply adsorbing the cost into the cost of the product and we try to be more transparent than that!

My product shows as delivered but I don't have it yet.

Due to COVID19 many mail/package carriers are experiencing delays and system issues. We’ve seen a lot of this lately and what usually happens is it gets marked as “delivered” by FedEx or USPS and then it shows up several hours later or even the next day. Please contact your carrier and provide your tracking # for them to research what’s going on. 

Will My Shipment Be On Time?

We are not able to predict or control what happens to your package once it leaves our hands. Per our shipping policy, we are no longer liable or responsible for the product once it leaves our hands and transit times have been quite varied due to recent COVID19 issues. FedEx and USPS are NOT refunding late shipments at this time


Can I Return An Unopened Product?

Absolutely! You are responsible for return shipping and you must contact us within 15 days of purchase to request the return authorization. We can refund your original payment method or provide store credit. 

Can I Return a Product I Have Opened But Doesn't Work Or I Don't Like It?

Due to COVID19 we no longer accept returns on opened product. At the discretion of management, we may provide you with a discount on a replacement product if we deem that the product is truly to blame. (Please see FAQ about Kratom effects and getting sick on it above for more information.)

What is your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

We’ve had to modify our policies due to COVID and excessive abuse of our kindness. We now guarantee that your product will arrive safely, sealed, and certified that it is free of contaminants (that we test for per GMP guidelines), foreign objects, and has been tested by our own staff to ensure effectiveness. If your product arrives damaged or leaking, we will take whatever steps necessary to make it right within our policies and guidelines. We can no longer offer returns or replacements for products that are unliked. 

We strongly suggest trying small sample sizes prior to ordering large amounts of a product. You can always order a sample for $2.49 with a large package of it and try the sample first and if you like it, THEN open the larger bag. If you don’t like it, then you can return the sealed bag to us for credit or refund!

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Can I Pay With a Debit/Credit Card On the Website?

After 5 years, we are finally able to offer legitimate payments directly on our website! The processor is off-shore so some credit cards may decline but we have several other methods available to you!

Apple Pay/Google Pay How To

Apple Pay: 

To use Apple Pay for your Order:
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NOTE: If you haven’t setup Apple Pay before, it may ask you to verify a few things and attach a debit/credit card to your account. But this is a 100% secure way of paying us instantly!

Google Pay:

For Google Pay Instructions: ***DO NOT TYPE KRATOM OR OUR COMPANY NAME!!!***

1. Open Google Pay (create an account if you don’t have one here:
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We will manually mark your order as paid. Same rule apply, if paid before 2pm Mountain Monday-Friday it will ship same day!

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