Fresh Kratom Leaf For Sale!



At Laughing Lion Herbs we have cultivated and are growing a good selection of Kratom trees indoors in our facility in a temperature and humidity controlled greenhouse! Thus far, the leaves are already growing larger than your hand!

We grow the plants completely organically using organic soil, filtered water, and only use Neem Oil and/or Colloidal Silver for pest control. 

How the purchase process works:

  • Place your order for fresh leaf
  • Your leaves are harvested and rinsed and individually packaged.
  • They are then sealed and shipped in proprietary packaging that keeps the leaves fresh during transport.
  • The leaves are guaranteed to arrive fresh! (They will be slightly softened by the process but they are guaranteed to be green and viable for use or your money back or replaced! (Pictures with time/date stamp of unopened pouch required for claim)

Note: Once opened, the leaves will not last more than a couple hours before wilting significantly thus we suggest keeping them refrigerated and sealed until ready to use. 

Leaves are guaranteed to arrive viable. We estimate the average lifespan of the leaf if kept refrigerated, is 7-12 days after harvest (and we will always ship the day we harvest. We DO NOT ship the leaves on Friday or Saturday so as to not have delays in transport unless you are willing to waive our freshness guarantee)


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