Going Green

Laughing Lion is Proud to Announce We Are Going Green with our GREEN INITIATIVE!

We have always believed in treating our world with respect, and now we are doing something about it! Here at Laughing Lion we are making lots of changes to make sure we reduce our waste, improve our carbon footprint, and make it even easier to get our kratom!

Here is what we are doing!

Introducing 100% Recyclable Plastic Jars! 


We are rolling out our brand new branding with 100% recyclable jars! The jars and caps can be washed out and recycled in any local municipal program! Don't have one? We have a buy-back program! Scroll down for details! 

These jars are manufactured in the USA by Green Certified companies that are using post-consumer recycled materials or have taken great strides to reduce environmental impacts! (When supplies are availabl

Buy-back program:

We are also introducing the Laughing Lion Buy-Back Program! If you are unable to recycle your jars yourself, we will provide postage paid containers to ship them back! (Details coming soon but email us for details).You will receive store credit for any jars returned! We will then recycle them properly with our local Colorado Recycle Systems. 

New Pricing and Sizes: Save 45%!

In an effort to reduce the amount of waste we generate, we are phasing out 1oz and 100g sizes. Instead we are introducing 75g jars! These contain about 2.7 oz of kratom with one small jar eliminating almost 3 bags per jar! And with a price point of only $14.95, your price per gram drops from about $0.36/g to $0.20/g! That's almost half price! We go from 75g to 250g sizes! (100g sizes are available on request while they last) These changes are making it cheaper and easier for everyone to get their kratom!


Green Business Bureau Certification!

We have applied and are in the process of becoming members of the Green Business Bureau! This is one of the most recognized names in the Green Industry which will demonstrate our desire and motivations to improve our environmental impact! Everything from using recycled and biodegradable cups and utensils at our HQ and stores to planting trees when we purchase paper goods to replace their use! We are also investigating using renewable energy to run our manufacturing and stores! We pledge to take steps every year to improve everything we can to be a good steward of this world God gave us!


Fair Trade with Indonesian Farmers


In this day in age in the Kratom industry, there is a tremendous quantity of Kratom being imported into the country that was purchased so cheaply that the farmers picking the leaves and collecting it for processing are literally making around $1 per kilo of dried leaf! We find this absolutely reprehensible! While the US Dollar is very strong in Indonesia, we are causing harm in many ways by doing this! When you purchase from a company that doesn't have a Fair Trade Agreement or International Trade Agreement in place, you are potentially supporting these large buyers who order hundreds of thousands of kilos at these stupidly low prices. In fact, most farmers are being strong-armed into selling this cheap because they are told they won't get anything more than that! This is simply not true! By setting up a Fair Trade Agreement, Laughing Lion has established a minimum set price that our farmers get paid. 500% or more higher than the average price of kratom in Indo! This insures that the Farmers are motivated to produce their best product for us, provide the pick of the harvest, and grant us a productive and loyal relationship with them all! This allows these men and women to put a roof over the heads of their spouses and children as well as providing for education and food. 

In the end, it's not a lot of money in the US, why do we have to be so greedy as to destroy the livelihood of these people? Without these agreements in place, farmers will stop producing because they can make more money farming other products besides kratom which will cause supply to drop and prices to skyrocket. Let's start now by providing a fair wage for these people so they can continue to grow and expand their own crops and ensure the long-lasting Kratom economy we need for the consumption in the USA!