How to Take CBD Oil: 7 Forms of CBD

When you first encounter the world of cannabidiol (CBD) products, all of the different choices can be overwhelming. Some people aren’t entirely sure which form of CBD will be the best fit for their particular lifestyle, or how they can integrate these products into their daily routine. We’ve even had some of our customers ask questions about the legality of CBD products. Unlike marijuana, hemp-derived CBD oil is legal and available throughout the United States. You don’t need a prescription to enjoy it, and you can even buy CBD online.

The Western world is becoming more enamored with CBD oil every day, which has led to the development of a thriving industry. There are all kinds of different CBD products available now, which means consumers have lots of choices when it comes to how they like to enjoy CBD. Depending on your personal preferences, there are several options that may be the most appealing to you– some people know what they want right away, while others have to try a few different things before they decide which is their favorite. Whether you’re new to CBD or have already known about it for years, here are seven of the best CBD products you should be aware of.

1 – CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are popular because they taste great and still deliver CBD. You have options when it comes to these CBD products, as you can choose between either traditional gummy bears or sour CBD gummy bears. Just pick the flavor that appeals to you most, and you’ll have a pleasant way to add cannabidiol to your daily routine. Serving sizes may vary by product, but most reliable brands will include 10mg of CBD in each individual bear.

When you chew and swallow one of these sweet CBD edibles, your body’s digestive system will process the CBD oil. It will take some time for your body to break down the gummy bear before your liver can introduce CBD to the bloodstream. This process will vary by person, but most of our customers say that they think it typically takes about one hour. For that reason, we recommend that you consider the timing when you plan to eat CBD edibles.

2 – CBD Hemp Honey

People are absolutely in love with CBD hemp honey because of how fun it is. This is one of the most unique and exciting ways to get your daily serving size of CBD because you can use it in any way you’d use normal honey. Buy it in a jar or in pre-packaged honey sticks that contain consistent serving sizes of CBD. From there, you can add this to any dish that might benefit from some sweet honey: baked goods, tea, and more. You’ll be getting great taste in addition to your serving of CBD.

3 – CBD Water

Love the thought of CBD edibles, but don’t want to commit to all those calories? In that case, CBD water might be a great choice for you. This CBD product is a lot like the gummies or chocolates we sell, but you don’t have to feel guilty about the sugar. In fact, you’ll also receive the benefits of better hydration alongside your daily serving size of CBD. Sip this water to spread your CBD throughout the day, or drink it all at one time.

4 – CBD Chocolate

Besides gummies, chocolate is the most popular type of CBD edibles. Since cannabidiol comes from natural hemp, it has a bitter taste that is unappealing to some people. By infusing sweet chocolate with CBD oil, people are able to consume their CBD without being bothered by the bitterness. Try one of these sweet treats to get your CBD and a chocolaty snack at the same time. Chocolates are also some of the more discreet CBD products since it doesn’t look like you’re doing anything other than enjoying some candy.

5 – Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

When you’re looking for a no-frills approach to CBD, hemp oil might be the way to go. There’s none of the sugar or high calorie counts you might expect from sweet CBD edibles, which makes this option appealing to people who are concerned about their diets. One of the other great things about full spectrum CBD oil is that there are multiple ways to consume it. You can either swallow it directly or hold it under your tongue.

Swallowing hemp oil concentrate is one of the most common ways to consume CBD. People either swallow it plain, mix it in with a liquid, or add it to food. The CBD oil will pass through your digestive system, be metabolized by the liver, and enter your bloodstream. This method is extremely convenient, and some people like the option of adding CBD to food or drink because they don’t particularly enjoy the natural taste of the plant.

Alternatively, you can hold this CBD under your tongue. There are glands in the mouth that allow the CBD to pass through the mucous membrane and get into your bloodstream faster than it would if you simply swallowed it. To take CBD under your tongue, it’s best to hold it there for about a minute or so, giving your body plenty of time to absorb the cannabidiol. After that time has passed, you can swallow the hemp CBD oil.

6 – Topical CBD

Topical CBD is nice because you can put it directly on the part of your body where you want it. If you have aching knees, simply massage in some CBD. You can use normal hemp oil for this, or buy a special product like lotion or salve. Some of our favorite topical CBD products are bath bombs. CBD bath bombs offer a relaxing experience– soak in a nice warm bath and let the cannabidiol absorb into your skin. Some of our customers say their skin has never been softer than it feels right after they get out of a CBD bath. High-quality CBD bath bombs are also created in a way that helps the CBD penetrate through your skin to the muscles, joints, and other tissue below.

7 – CBD Vape

CBD vapes and vaping products are popular because they’re so portable and discreet. With vaping as popular as it is, most people won’t think twice if they see you puffing away. This makes it easy to get your daily serving size of CBD just about anywhere. You can also tailor the experience just by vaping more or less.

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