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Posted by Matt Frank on May 15th 2022

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A growing number of Americans today are in search of relief. Whether physically or emotionally, many of us feel stuck in our situations, feelings, physical conditions, and more.

Some have chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or PTSD while others suffer from insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions.

As stress piles up in the body, the adrenals produce greater and greater amounts of steroid hormones cortisol, glucagon, prolactin, and the sex hormones (testosterone, estrogens, and progesterons) are released. This is a good thing for triggering immediate fight or flight responses in dangerous situations, but for so many of us, we are flooded with these stressors continually day after day, week after week, month after month.

A recent study suggested that constant exposure to these hormones in the body can actually cause the brain to shrink! This is particularly noticed in the "Pandemic Brain" syndrome that experts are now classifying as a disorder. This causes a number of issues with focus, concentration, motivation, due to the stress on the frontal lobe of the brain.

People from all walks of life from young adults to our older and wiser generations have turned their attention to alternative ways to deal with the ups and downs that our lives have been taking over the past few years and are seeking answers in natural therapies such as Meditation, Yoga, Grounding, Massage, Physical Therapy/Exercise, Biofeedback, and all forms of Mindfulness training.

Being aware of one's body and mind is so vital in the fight to overcome the oppressive power of these issues. Mindfulness, scientific based meditation (deep breathing exercises), and simple stretches that can have amazing benefits to one's well being and be on the lookout for our articles regarding how to perform these amazingly effective techniques.

In conjunction with those practices, millions of people are turning to natural substances like Kratom, Kava, and CBD to supplement their diets and help contribute to a healthier more holistic approach to their nutrition and daily lives.

Natural Products to Aid Sense of Wellbeing

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Relief is Possible!

Relief from the day-to-day boredom and increasing one's sense of wellbeing is indeed possible! Feel more motivated to stay healthy and exercise!

Using Mindfulness Techniques coupled with natural substances like Kratom and Kava, you can achieve more than you think is possible!


Ingredient #1

Mindfulness and meditation. These are concepts that have gained a lot of traction recently in the mainstream media, social media influencers, and lifestyle gurus. There are many who proclaim to have "the secret'' to how to achieve no stress and a better life but this is all marketing hype. Mindfulness is a simple concept. It's been around for thousands of years and practiced by various people groups, religions, and on all the continents of the world.

When something is that universal in the world I tend to pay attention. As a Christian, I was originally opposed to the concept of meditation and mindfulness as I assumed it was "New Age" or "out there". However, Meditation is even in the Holy Scriptures! So regardless of your faith or religious beliefs, Meditation and Mindfulness can be used in conjunction with your beliefs.

Mindfulness is not something that happens instantly. It is the #1 key in achieving healthy sleep habits but it does take practice and patience with yourself. I found that using the "Sleep Stories" or "Deep Sleep Release" Meditations from "Calm.com" app on my phone every night helped me to become more consistent with my sleep. (We do not have an affiliate link with Calm and do not make any money off recommending them)

I recommend that you either download the Calm app, or some comparable program and start exploring the meditation options. There are many free meditations on YouTube as well if you do not want to spend money on a professionally created program.

The key with meditation is calming the mind. Being "okay" with where you are in that moment, giving yourself permission to stop worrying or dwelling on the swirling thoughts of the day or of tomorrow. For me, the key was using Biofeedback (Google has great information about this technology) to "find" the "switch" in my brain that turns off my swirling thoughts and allows me to release myself to drift to sleep with little to no effort. This "switch" involves controlled deep breathing and progressively relaxing the muscles throughout my body. This procedure works nearly 100% of the time for me! (Note: It doesn't start working instantly. Some may find immediate success while others may need to be patient with themselves as they train their minds on letting go of the day.  

Ingredient #2
Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)

KRATOM - A Tree that grows natively in South East Asia.

Kratom has become one of the single most popular natural supplements in the United States that you've never heard of! With an estimated 15+ Million Americans currently consuming kratom, and with no significant side effects thus reported (that are proven medically to be solely attributed to kratom), more and more people of all walks of life are turning to Kratom and other similar plants.

We recommend that everyone do their own research before starting to take any substance of any kind. Please speak with your medical professional/doctor as well to avoid any potential interactions with existing conditions or medications you may be on.

We hope that after you perform your research you will find what we all have, that Kratom is an excellent addition to your daily or periodic nutritional supplementation and can greatly aid you in your goals and ambitions.  

Ingredient #3
Kava Root

KAVA (Piper methysticum) - A plant that grows in the Islands of the South Pacific and has been used for millennia by the indigenous peoples there.

Kava is commonly used to help people focus, relax, and be more at ease in social situations. It produces effects in the body unlike any other botanical known to science due to the fact that it calms AND helps tune focus simultaneously.

Traditional use includes the kava ceremony which dates back thousands of years and is still practiced in Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu. World-class athletes, dignitaries, and average citizens have all partook in these events as the people on these islands warmly invite anyone into their Kava traditions.

Many people have begun to use Kava as an alternative to drinking Alcohol. Kava provides warm feelings, relaxation, and helps to lower social walls people put up. Kava has become increasingly popular in the US (especially in Florida and other East coast states.) The average Kava user will drink several cups of the brewed drink in a social setting at a Kava Bar over several hours while enjoying a chill relaxing time with friends. The beauty of Kava is that, unlike alcohol, people do not get “mean” on it. They simply chill out and enjoy one another. This is a notable benefit versus the consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

Here at Laughing Lion, we have developed some wonderful recipes that you can make right in your own home to replicate the “feel” and somewhat taste of your favorite cocktails but using Kava instead! We strongly encourage participation in the “Sober Curious” movement that has many people considering what life is like without alcohol. So if you want to learn more about Kava and dive into the incredible ways to consume this amazing plant, click the link below for more info!

We hope that this article has been helpful for you and if you have any questions at all about these products or about meditation we would be more than happy to help guide you! Our passion is to bring education to the people about these amazing plants so that it removes the mystery and allows anyone to try it!

Contact us today at 888-895-7286 or by email at [email protected]

Recommended Products for Relaxation/Wellbeing

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Kratom is native to Southeast Asia. It occurs naturally on several islands in Indonesia. Kratom has been used for over 1,000 years in these regions of the world where they pick and chew the leaves for many reasons, not the least of which is, increased energy for working, mental clarity, sense of well-being, soothing and relaxing the mind and sense of wellbeing.

Sleep is ESSENTIAL to our body's functions, our mind's balance, and our ability to handle stress and all of life's curveballs. But it eludes us so frequently that almost half of all Americans report feeling sleepy during the day!

Sober Curious? Or just want to relax and chill without the cost and risk of alcohol? Learn more about how this ancient root can be an amazing tool for your life and be used instead of alcohol for many simliar effects!