Kava Extract Powder 30% Kavalactones (GMP and Lab Tested!)

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Kava Kava Root Extract Powder (INSTANT) 30% Kavalactones

Variety: Vanuatu

Source: Lateral Roots Only

Filter and Grind Type: Instant Soluable Powder (No filtering needed) 

About: Laughing Lion Herbs prides ourselves in carrying the World's BEST Kava extract! Unlike the vast majority of supposed 30% extracts on the market which routinely test in at less than 4% kavalactones, ours is guaranteed to be genuinely 30%! (+/-1% as batches do vary). Put the powder into capsules, mix in your favorite drink, or just down it with some water! This Kava is potent and does not have the common associated side effects from kava that is not harvested appropriately. See why ours is the best!

Ingredients: Pure Instant Kava Extract Powder (genuinely tests at 30% kavalactones!)