Kratom Samples

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Premium Kratom Samples (6-10g ea)

Variety: Multiple

Vein Color: Premium Strains

Filter and Grind Type: Varies.

Drying Process: Air/Sun Dried

Harvest Location: Island of Borneo, Indonesia. Old Forests

About: Our Samples are extremely popular! Choose any non-enhanced strains and add as many as you wish!  The Island of Borneo has unique biological and Terra Firma (soil) composition making it's Kratom Trees some of the most desired and sought after in the world! Green, Red, and White Kratom from Laughing Lion is regarded as the ultimate single strain leaf in the country! We use only "True" and Authentic leaf which is harvested only from Naturally Growing Trees (many over 50 years old and 100+ ft tall!)

Ingredients: 100% Natural Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Powder