Ways to Take Kratom - Tea, Juice, & Capsules




Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia where indigenous people have been using it for as long as a millennia. In Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries, workers often chewed the leaves as they worked or brewed the leaves into a tea to drink. The effects of the plant on the human body are remarkable. There are over 40 identified alkaloid compounds in the leaf of the kratom tree. Alkaloids are what give kratom it’s bitter taste. 


“What are alkaloids in simple terms?




Alkaloid: A member of a large group of chemicals that are made by plants and have nitrogen in them. Many alkaloids possess potent pharmacologic effects. The alkaloids include cocaine, nicotine, strychnine, caffeine, morphine, pilocarpine, atropine, methamphetamine, mescaline, ephedrine, and tryptamine.” (Source https://www.rxlist.com/alkaloid/definition.htm)


Due to these alkaloids, Kratom has captured the attention of the world’s scientists and consumers alike. In the past 10 years Kratom has become one of the most widely sought-after products in the natural food/supplement industry. Without getting into grey areas of making medical claims, Laughing Lion Herbs sells kratom that is 3rd Party Lab Tested by ISO Certified and AKA Qualified Laboratories. We are cGMP Qualified and ensure that everything we produce is of the highest quality standards. The biggest difference between our processes and any other kratom vendor including other GMP and AKA verified vendors is that we participate in Fair Trade Kratom Pricing. We pay our farmers a significantly higher price per kilo of raw leaf materials than many of the other vendors. As much as 3x more! This protects the future of the product by making sure that our farmers have a livable wage and can provide for their families! Anyone who does not do this is missing the mark on how we can protect kratom for future generations and ensure that we are not taking advantage of the farmers!


So, how can you consume your kratom? 




There are numerous ways that one can choose to consume kratom. 99% of the kratom in the USA at this time is dried leaf powder. The most common ways of consuming are sometimes not palatable for many consumers due to the taste of the leaf. So we will start our list with the best tasting option and proceed through the options to what we’d say is the fastest methods, but also least palatable. 



Laughing Lion Herbs is not responsible for misuse or even proper use of Kratom that results in any sort of negative or positive effects or side-effects. Kratom affects everyone differently. Always weigh the risks vs. benefits of any supplement. 







In Southeast Asia, brewing tea is the most common and traditional way people have enjoyed kratom throughout the course of history, along with chewing the leaves. (Some have tried to smoke them but smoking involves temperatures much higher than are tolerated by the alkaloids which simply break down and will not produce any results.


Brewing kratom tea is a great way to extract kratom alkaloids from the plant material, which is why it’s so common to make tea with kratom powder. (If you can get crushed leaf kratom, this is also another way to brew tea. We have pre packaged tea bags in our stores and online soon!)


Here’s everything you need to know about how to make kratom tea.


Making Kratom Tea





There are a few different ways to enjoy this traditional beverage, which is where kratom tea recipes come in. Before you start finding ways to doctor up your kratom tea, though, it’s helpful to know a few general tips about how to brew it like a pro:

  1. Do not heat kratom in the water. Instead, heat the water first, then pour it over your kratom powder or mix the kratom into your hot water. This makes for a more consistent steeping process. Let the mixture sit for at least 10-15 minutes (but we find the sweet spot is right around 13 minutes.)

  2. Use hot water, but not boiling water. For best results, use a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice or bottled juice to increase the acidity of the water and use slightly below boiling water (around 170-180°F), like you would with most teas. Boiling water can burn the plant material and alkaloids causing it to turn bitter and less effective. It’s easy to achieve the perfect temperature if you have an electric kettle. Otherwise, you can bring your water to a boil and then let it cool slightly. Adding lemon/lime not only helps with the taste but also helps to better extract the kratom alkaloids!

  3. Strain your kratom. There are some differing opinions here. Some people say they like to leave the plant material in their kratom tea, so they know nothing goes to waste. Other kratom connoisseurs will tell you the tea is much more enjoyable without all of its powder. Most people do this with a coffee filter, mesh tea infuser, cheesecloth, or fine mesh strainer. If you don’t have a good way to strain your kratom, you might want to let the powder settle to the bottom of the teacup and carefully drink off the top, avoiding the settled material. (Note that we find that consuming the full plant material will always result in a longer lasting effect as well as stronger effects. We believe this is due to the fact that some of the alkaloids in kratom are not water soluble and thus will only be extracted by the body’s digestive processes.) 

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to consider some recipes for truly special kratom tea.


Kratom Tea Recipes


As you learn how to make kratom tea, you may find that it always seems grassy and bitter. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing anything wrong because that’s the nature of kratom. This doesn’t mean you have to be resigned to the harsh aromatic notes, however!


Throughout history, people have found numerous ways to make kratom tea more appealing. Here are a few of our favorites:


  • Try reducing the temperature and/or time you steep the powder. This has a great impact on taste.
  • Add honey, agave juice, or maple syrup for some sweetness
  • Include a bag of your favorite herbal tea to introduce different flavors
  • Give it a squeeze of lemon or add other fruit

Choose Laughing Lion Herbs for Premium Kratom


Like with just about any cooking, your kratom tea recipes will turn out better when you start with the best ingredients you can find. Buy premium kratom from Laughing Lion Herbs, and see how it impacts your kratom tea!

Kratom Capsules:




You can purchase kratom powder in capsule form from Laughing Lion Herbs Here. Or you can purchase your own capsule maker and make your own! NOTE: This option is really great for individuals who use less than 4 grams of kratom per dose. More than that, and you have to consider the cost/time investment and realize that you will have to swallow handfuls of capsules every dose. Higher dosing individuals cannot do this without gagging!


We recommend using Vegan capsules made from Pullulan Gum. This is a product derived from mushrooms and dissolves easily in the stomach without the harshness that comes from traditional gelatin capsules. (You can order from our favorite supplier here: https://www.capsulesupplies.com/pullulan-vegan-capsules/) or if you need smaller amounts please email us for a custom order at [email protected]


To make the capsules, buy your favorite Kratom powder from Laughing Lion Herbs and follow the instructions provided with the capsule maker!


Kratom “Juice”:




Kratom Juice is quite possibly the most popular option we see here at Laughing Lion and is my personal favorite!


This combines the best of both worlds by masking some of the flavor without the need for swallowing handfuls of capsules (for those of us with higher dose requirements) and still obtaining the best results by consuming the full plant material. 


How to make “Juice”


  1. Choose your favorite juice. (Popular choices include Cranberry Mango Cocktail, Cranberry, Orange, Apple, and Pineapple)

  2. Pour at least 4oz into a shaker cup (more or less is a personal choice)

  3. Warm up in the microwave for 30-40 seconds (warm not hot)

  4. Measure your kratom (we recommend using a gram scale for accuracy) into the warmed juice, cap and shake to mix.

  5. Drink your “juice”!


The warm juice allows the kratom to mix without much foaming and it will suspend in the juice far more effectively! 


Toss & Wash




This is a very popular option but comes with some inherent “risks”. The risk is that you could inhale the powder on accident causing you to cough and hack and make a huge mess (like I did the only time I tried it!)


  1. Measure out your kratom (we recommend using a gram scale for accuracy) 

  2. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage (don’t use carbonated anything as it will foam and your mouth will become a volcano experiment like you did in elementary school!)

  3. Tilt your head back, close the back of your throat and don’t breathe while doing this!

  4. Pour the kratom powder into your mouth

  5. Quickly pour your beverage of choice into your mouth as well, swish, and swallow.


… Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the taste, or mess you may create!