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Welcome to our NEW Kratom News section! Given all the recent news in the media, FDA, and now Denver about Kratom, we want to dispel rumors and state the truth! Check it out... 

Kratom at Risk In Indonesia (NOT BANNED)

Hey guys. I wanted to make a quick statement about the current situation over in Indonesia. I have spent more than 4 years cultivating strong and honest relationships with the big boys over there. There is a bit of a hysteria sweeping across the community right now that Kratom has been banned in Indonesia and that farmers have 5 years to transition their crops to something else. This is simply not true. The health minister in Indonesia listened to the lies about Kratom and thought that they needed to ban kratom to protect the lives of innocent Americans who are dying and dropping like flies because Kratom is killing them all (LIES!). Well, we know for a fact that information is false. However, the vast majority of Indonesians support Kratom and if they actually passed the ban over there, I'm told there would be hundreds of thousands or millions of people rioting against the government over there. At this time they don't see cause for immediate concern because there is a LONG way to go before they would make any decisions.  The AKA wants to send a delegation over there to help Perkindo (their version of AKA) fight this misinformation and I strongly advise everyone to donate what they can to the cause! However, don't believe the panic that people are perpetuating in social media right now. Kratom is not being banned and we are not losing our beloved plant! We need to fight, and we will win just like we did with the DEA in 2016 as long as we can pool our resources and fight!


 CDC Claims 91 Deaths Related to Kratom across 27 states

I want to start this with an update. As of May 2021, the FDA's oversight organization, the Department of Health and Human Services has actually removed ther recommendation that the FDA schedule kratom! This is exciting news! My hope is that the FDA will be willing to work with the Kratom industry to create a safe and responsible regulation regarding it. The FDA is NOT the enemy people, they are here to protect Americans and while they are operating on some incorrect information, they are just people like us trying to do their jobs. They are not the enemy or the devil or anything else like that. We would only ask that some day they consider allowing NDI applications for kratom so that it would be officially recognized as an herbal supplement. Until that time, we will continue to operate as if the FDA was in fact regulating us and us GMP protocols, batch tracking, 3rd Party Lab Testing, proper PPE, clean and sanitary environment and equipment, etc. 

According to this article: "The supplement has been linked to 91 overdose deaths in 27 states, according to the CDC.  However, the issue remains that in all but 7 of those deaths, illicit and other drugs were present in the bodies of the victims. And in those 7, we would guess that there were underlying health conditions (as has been proven in previous cases where people died of existing heart defect complications but Kratom was blamed by medical examiners because they had it in their house or in their blood.  "...The people at the highest risk of kratom-involved deaths are those with a history of substance abuse. According to postmortem tests performed by the CDC, most people with kratom-involved deaths died by fentanyl and heroin overdose. These people often tested positive for multiple drugs, including prescription pain medications. It is unclear where kratom use increased their risk of overdose-related death." (source: Here at Laughing Lion, our goal is to protect the integrity of truth. And while the continued assault by various medical professionals and news outlets, we ask people to follow the science! And the science shows, as much as has been found, that Kratom is NOT responsible for all these claimed deaths!

The issue that these highly educated and very smart people have is that they are so ingrained in the thoughts that the only thing that is safe for us to take is medical grade pharmaceuticals.  From the time they are children, they are told by doctors that only Doctors know what's safe and best. As they grow up, they decided to attend medical school and from the moment they walk in the doors, they are indoctrinated with the belief that only substances that undergo rigorous testing and scientific research are safe because all the possible side effects have been declared and under the care of a professional doctor, the dangers are minimal and recognized.  AND WE DO AGREE... BUT THE ISSUE IS THAT SO MANY REFUSE TO EVEN TRY TESTING HERBAL AND NATURAL MEDICINES. AND where has that gotten us? The Big Pharmaceutical companies like Purdue Pharma who developed OxyCotin (BRAND NAME but also known as Oxycodone and oxy) back in 1996 took a substance that was created back in 1916 by Germany ( and as alleged in a lawsuit currently pending against the company, they altered critical facts so they could push doctors to prescribe the dangerous and addictive drug to people in amounts that has greatly contributed to the massive Opiate Crisis we are now in! ( **BOTTOM LINE** Money has driven the sales of these drugs.


 The truth of the matter is that these Pharmaceutical companies don't want Kratom to be legal! It greatly impacts their bottom line because if people stop buying their drugs, they can no longer make as much money! So what can we do? We can stand up for the truth! Whenever people repeat the lies that are circulating out there, our responsibility is to counter them with truth! Some great resources you can reference are below! Stand strong and know we stand on the side of truth!   



FDA Issues Warning Letters to 3 Vendors Selling Kratom Illegally

If you haven't seen it yet, 3 different companies got warning letters from the FDA ( yesterday.
We are appalled that some vendors choose to make these claims and break the law! Not only that, but they also further the stance of the FDA that Kratom is dangerous and their perception that the Kratom industry is a "Wild Wild West" situation.
We absolutely stand with the FDA in this process. Kratom CANNOT be sold with any kind of claims made. The only way to legally make structured claims on a supplement is to submit an NDI notification to the FDA along with substantial medical and laboratory research. And even then it must be with their approval.
What we really need is vendors who will begin the process of getting cGMP certified and who will fully comply with all in-place FDA processes to ensure the safety and purity of the product! ANYTHING that is not done following cGMP protocols is considered "Adulterated" by the FDA and none of us can make outrageous claims about its use!
No matter how much someone believes that a particular product works, if you sell it, promote it, or are involved in any way in it's manufacturing, you MUST NOT MAKE CLAIMS!
We need to work WITH THE FDA and not against them! We need to show them that the Kratom industry is willing to take a stand against companies selling Kratom illegally or at the least, is in violation of Good Manufacturing Practices. Let's make the choice today to only work with vendors who are taking those steps to ensure that Kratom doesn't get thrown out because of foolish choices by vendors doing things the wrong way!