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Introducing Apple and Android Store Apps!

We are excited to launch our brand new store apps! Available now on the Google Play Store (Google decided our app violated their terms of service because it "Encourages Illegal Drug Use"! We are doing everything we can to combat the ignorance and get our App back up on Google again!) and Apple App Store! 

  • When you purchase any of our top-shelf kratom products, we can prepare your items based on your selections in our slick mobile app. Your convenience is one of our top priorities, so we are more than willing to spare you the trouble of shopping for your kratom in person or waiting too long for relief.
  • One of the best parts about our mobile ordering app is that it helps our customers avoid some of the stigmas that may be associated with buying kratom. Our mobile ordering services are as discrete as they are efficient. Simply decide what product you want, place your order, and have it shipped in a non-marked box (you can even request that we don’t use labels or include a packing list inside), or come to pick up your package without spending a lot of time at our store.
  • Our carefully-selected and well-educated staff will quickly gather your order and bring it to you so that you’ll never have to spend time shuffling through different products in the store. It’s the most efficient way to get the relief of kratom without all the hassle of picking it out in person. Contact usif you have any questions about how our mobile ordering works. 


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