MusciMind Gummies by Koi CBD - Amanita Muscimol


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Introducing Koi Muscimind Gummies, next-gen euphoric gummies powered by a highly bio-available mushroom blend.

  • 10 Gummies per bag
  • 1mg muscimol + 30mg nootropic mushroom blend per gummy
  • Resealable, child resistant bag

Dosing Guide:

  • Use when in a positive frame of mind, in a comfortable environment, with a friend present
  • Start with fewer gummies, wait at least 30 minutes, add more if desired
  • Micro: 1-3 gummies
  • Modest: 4-6 gummies
  • Macro: 7-10 gummies
muscimind peach razz  
Effects • Short term euphoria, longer term mood boost  
Ingredients • Proprietary blend of muscimol and nano-encapsulated nootropic mushrooms  
Quality & Consistency • Formulated in cGMP labs by scientists with 3rd party testing.   
Taste • Epic flavors  

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