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Pay for Your Order

You can now pay for your order online instead of having to call! But there are a few extra steps. To see why we do this scroll to the bottom of the directions!


We CURRENTLY DO NOT TAKE PAYMENTS BY GIFT CERTIFICATE. Please choose Pay By Invoice for an instantly emailed invoice you can pay or by calling us at 888-895-7286


That's all there is to it! A few extra steps and you can checkout yourself without having to wait and call us during business hours! If you have any issues or questions please give us a call at 888-895-7286

Questions and Answers:

Q: Why can't I just pay right on the website?
A: Visa/MasterCard and all the major credit card processing companies (in particular First Data who is the clearing house for almost every major card purchase across the country) have been influenced by special interests and convinced that they should not support the sale of Kratom even though it's a perfectly legal botanical and we abide by all state, local, and federal laws. As a result, many if not all of the Kratom vendors in the country have MAJOR issues using credit card processing. In the 4 years we've been in business we have had more than 30 different merchant accounts shut us down for selling Kratom. We set this up so that we can keep taking credit cards without disclosing to the processors or to your own bank that it's Kratom you are buying so it's a win-win situation for both parties. 

Q: I purchased a Gift Certificate but it doesn't work on Laughing Lion's Page!
A: This error should be fixed now but if it occurs please contact us immediately. The custom coding we've had done should keep this from happening but with as with any technology, there are always possibilities of errors. If anything is off or confusing you, please let us know! You can call us from Monday-Friday (12pm-5pm Eastern Time) at 888-895-7286 or after hours at

Q: What happens if I need to contest a charge?
A: PLEASE DO NOT ISSUE A CHARGE-BACK! We will ALWAYS work with you and make sure that your money is refunded if you are not satisfied with your product! All it takes is an email or a phone call and we will make it right immediately! Charge-backs can tarnish our account and possibly expose us as selling kratom which could result in loosing the ability to process cards. Please just talk with us. We are really nice I promise! :-D