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cGMP Qualified Lab Tested/3rd Party Audited
Support Indonesian Farmers

Price Increase 2020

We are facing a new season here at LLH. We are growing tremendously quickly and are needing to add larger and better equipment to keep up with demand as well as improve our products and processes. We have also made a pledge to become as Green as we can! 
  • "Greener" Plastic Jars This means that we are in the process of changing over all of our packaging to recyclable plastic jars so you can rinse out your package and toss it in any recycle program bin and you won't be wasting plastic bags which pollute our planet. We only buy our jars from certified GREEN USA MANUFACTURERS (no overseas suppliers!)
  • 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping COMING SOON! - Our new shipping provider, Sendly, will ship all of our "Free" shipping orders with 100% Carbon Offset shipping! It saves you money while saving the planet one shipment at a time! Note that the shipping delivery time will vary from 1-4 days on average and is not a guaranteed service. But FedEx and USPS will still be available for upgrade.
  • Fair Trade Kratom - We are now establishing Fair Trade rates with our Indonesian Kratom Farmers to ensure that they receive a fair wage on any kratom that we purchase. We've done this all along which is why our consistency is so great, but now we are putting it down with minimums so that our farmers can have a sustainable lifestyle and continue to provide us with the best possible leaf for you, our LLH Family!
  • Innovation in Manufacturing - LLH is one of the only companies in the USA that is AHEAD of the cGMP Requirements for Manufacturing Kratom. We test EVERY Kilo of kratom that comes through our doors! How? We take our time to ensure that every box of kratom is homogenized (blended with large quantities of like strains) so that when we perform our tests, we are testing an accurate representation of the product, not just taking a few samples out of a few boxes of kratom when we received thousands of boxes! Every box is mixed and has samples removed!
    • We are also innovating new ways to improve our product quality and cleanliness by reducing the number of times it is exposed to air, human touch (with gloves and protective gear), and any other potential sources of contamination. We make sure that we store samples of our kratom throughout the entire manufacturing process to be able to test before, mid, and post manufacturing should we ever need to locate the source of a contamination. (which has NEVER happened). 
The costs involved with importation and manufacturing continue to go up, and our pledge to be more environmentally conscious is resulting in higher production costs. So in the next week or two we will be sending out notice of price increases. In most cases the price increase will only be a couple dollars. Kilos will see the largest dollar value increase of around 10% on average but this still places us well under the average cost for comparable quality Kilos across the country!
We hope that you will all stay with us because we are making headway with showing the FDA that kratom can be manufactured safely and effectively without regulation! We are showing the Kratom Industry that it can be done as well! 
By your continued support, we will be able to continue innovating new products, new methods, and new and safer ways to manufacture our favorite plant! This includes many new exciting things such as USA-grown Organic Certified Kratom in the coming years! 
From our heart to yours, we are thrilled that you have chosen Laughing Lion as your Trusted Source of the best Kratom on Planet Earth!
Wishing you all the best in this New Year and Praying for a BETTER 2021!
Matthew & Melissa Frank
CEO and Executive Vice President of Laughing Lion Herbs
& The Laughing Lion Family
Rudy, Nikkie, Crystal, Emma, Lorie, Mike, Esau, Tori, Jaron, Aubrey, and Will