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At some point throughout your journey with kratom, you may become interested in some of the most similar alternatives to kratom powder. Mitragyna Javanica powder is one of the most popular kratom alternatives because it comes from a very similar tree. The Mitragyna Javanica tree grows throughout Southeast Asia, as does the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, from the dried leaves of which we derive kratom powder.

The Mitragyna Javanica tree is also called Kra Thom Na, and it’s smaller in stature than the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. Another big difference is that leaves from the Mitragyna Javanica tree do not contain mitragynine, which is one of the most prevalent alkaloids in kratom. Pure Mitragyna Javanica powder should not include any of this kratom alkaloid, though it isn’t necessarily uncommon to find some small traces of various kratom alkaloids in batches of ground Mitragyna Javanica powder. 

This is likely because some of the kratom leaves accidentally become mingled with the Mitragyna Javanica leaves during the harvest. These plants are grown organically in the wild until they’re harvested, dried, and ground into powder. The skilled kratom harvesters in Indonesia do their best to maintain high levels of purity, and the relatively low levels of kratom alkaloids occur because Mitragyna Javanica is harvested right alongside Mitragyna Speciosa. 

The chemical makeup of Mitragyna Javanica has some significant differences when compared to kratom powder. Instead of mitragynine, it contains compounds named 3-isoajmalicine and mitrajavine. This organic compound has some similarities to mitragynine, but there isn’t a large body of research about all of those differences.

So far, anecdotal stories from enthusiasts suggest that Mitragyna Javanica is milder than kratom. As we get further research into both plants, we’ll continue to learn about the chemical differences. For now, many customers appreciate that Mitragyna Javanica is completely legal throughout all of the United States.

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