CBD Flower (Bud) for Dry Vape, Tea - No THC

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NOTE: CBD Flower can NOT ship USPS at this time according to USPS regulations which also means, we MUST ship FedEx to a physical address - NO PO BOXES

CBD Flower/Bud 3rd Party Lab Tested Multiple Strains

  • Cherry Blossom (Ultra Premium Bud) Tests at over 16%! $34.95 per 8th (3.5g grams)

  • T1 Strain $34.95 per 8th (3.5g grams)

  • Silver Haze $34.95 per 8th (3.5g grams)

  • Jack Frost $34.95 per 8th (3.5g grams)

  • Bubba Kush $34.95 per 8th (3.5g grams)

  • Mendocino Purp $34.95 per 8th (3.5g grams)

Legally Grown Colorado and Northern Hemp 3rd party tested to guarantee attributes Great taste and smell! Resealable packaging

About CBD Flower

Do you like consuming marijuana but can’t? Maybe you’re interested in or are currently using CBD in another form but don’t like the taste or the carriers. This high-quality Hemp, grown right here in Colorado or Wisconsin, might be exactly what you’re looking for. Every plant is legally grown and tested (see Colorado Department of Agriculture standards) and then retested by a 3rd party once properly cured. We have different levels of quality from “brand new to the scene” to “hemp connoisseur.”

Recommended Use of CBD Flower

There are many claims about what CBD can and cannot do. We are not here to add to those claims. Instead, we suggest you Google it and do your own research! Much is being done in the field of CBD research and it's exciting! Also check out all the published research on CBD here:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/?term=cbd+oil


It’s impossible to measure the exact amount of CBD in a specific quantity of hemp flower because a proper test will consume the flower in the process. Each strain has been tested for potency and the results are provided. Based on the route of consumption, it’s best to start out with a 0.5g to 1.0g (between one bowl and one joint), and adjust from there. The hemp flower is quite effective by itself!


Our ingredients are simple: high-quality CBD rich hemp flower. All of the ingredients in this product meet the standards for being organicvegan, and gluten free. 2018 Farm Bill Compliant with less than 0.03% Delta9 THC  - NOTE: This product DOES contain trace amounts of THC below the legal required limit to qualify for 50-state legal status. We do not yet know if this could cause anyone to have a positive THC test if they used too much. There is not enough data yet on this. So if you are drug tested be aware of this possibility.