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Fresh Kratom Leaf - Colorado Grown Shipping Now!

$3.97 - $9.97

Note: If you place an order for Fresh Leaf it can only ship Monday-Thursday with 2-day air or Monday-Friday with Overnight (with Saturday delivery on Friday). If you order fresh leaf with other products, we will delay your entire shipment until the next valid shipping day to ensure your leaves are delivered fresh!  

Colorado Grown Fresh Kratom Leaf!

Price: $3.97 per leaf. 5 for $10

Variety: Colorado Indoor Grown

Vein Color: Since they are not dried, they are not "red, green, or white"

Drying Process: These are FRESH LEAVES!, Not dried!

NOTE: Please wash the leaves before using. We do our best to clean them but just like any fresh produce, it should be washed again. 

In order to ensure freshness, there is an added cost to shipping fresh leaves. This includes protective pouches and ice packs to keep them fresh. The cost to ship FedEx 2 day plus packing materials is $11.50 per shipment.

Directions for use: As traditionally used in Southeast Asia, a single leaf typically is far stronger than dried powder. Amount to use is a personal decision but most use 1/2 - 1 whole leaf.