Premium Red Ketapang (DISCONTINUED)



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We discovered that the Ketapang Region has a high number of mines in the area which are resulting in higher than desired levels of lead in the kratom. While well under the federal limits, our batch tested higher than we like so we are ceasing sale of this product until further notice when we can obtain some that tests beneath the California Prop 65 Safe Harbor limits. 

Premium Organic Red Ketapang

Variety: Single Strain

Vein Color: Premium Red

Filter and Grind Type: Ultra Fine/Soft Grind.

Drying Process: Sun Dried

Harvest Location: Indonesia – Old Forests (no plantation or farm leaf)

About: Ketapang is a brand new strain to us here at Laughing Lion. We look forward to feedback from our customers! Imagine yourself staring up at 100+ foot tall trees. Their white bark reflecting the hot Indonesian sun. Ketapang leaves are among the strongest in the country! It comes from very mature trees which produce the some of the world’s strongest Mitragyna Speciosa leaves! As you stand there, you realize the strength and beauty of these ancient trees and their ability to produce the world’s most magnificent botanical, the Kratom leaf.



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