A model for small businesses everywhere…

When I first got into kratom, I did a fair amount of vendor research, as well as sampling of their products. I heard about Matt from a post he made on one of the kratom forums – there was a woman facing a health crisis with a loved one, and he did an incredibly generous thing to help her out. It was enough to make me want to check him out (plus the fact that he’s local to my state). Every time I’ve talked with him, he has been friendly, laid-back, knowledgeable, and honest (a quality which is difficult to find in the sea of misinformation and hype a lot of vendors traffic in). He’s bent over backwards to make sure that delivery and pickup is a breeze, and his local pickup options are absolutely unlike anything offered elsewhere.

Price-wise, if you utilize the reward points system, frequent sale coupons, or weekly deals, his prices are without question the lowest on the internet right now. At least that I can find, and I know my way around Boolean operators. 😉

Summary: Price, customer service, and ease of acquisition, Matt and Laughing Lion are second to none – wholeheartedly recommend this company, and I hope to see his business flourish in the future!

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