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Wholesale Info

Welcome to Laughing Lion Wholesale!

We provide a wide array of wholesale options with small MOQ's and the ability to service any size company from a single shop to a national chain! Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed by providing not only certified clean Kratom products, but also by keeping up with the current legal statuses and state and federal requirements for labeling to help protect your business from simple mistakes that could result in inventory seizures! We make sure you are best prepared to provide a top quality kratom product to your customers with the best chances of success and least chances of any interference from local authorities. 

We want you to be successful not only financially but also successful in helping others discover the amazing plant that is Kratom!

CURRENT KRATOM STOCK (as of April 23, 2019)

4.8 Metric tons in stock variety of Green, Red White Maeng Da. We cannot guarantee exact strains or colors at this time if purchased by the pallet. 

Last test negative for Salmonella/E.Coli and Mitragyine % equaled 1.63% when combining all 3 strains into one test. 

Pricing: 500kg Minimum Order: $40/kg delivered by LTL Freight

20kg Minimum Order $65/kg including FedEx Ground shipping (select Green/red/white/red bentuangie strains)


Liberation Botanicals Kratox Wholesale Information

Recommended retail price is $34.95-$39.95 per bottle. Minimum order size is 1 case (12 bottles) at $20 per bottle or $240. Order at least 5+ cases and the price drops to $18/bottle. Order 20+ cases and the price drops to $16/bottle!



What We Supply:

  • Bulk Wholesale (MOQ 20kg per strain) you are responsible for safe handling of the product and it is not tested by us (although we spot test the batch) prices starting at $65/kg and drop as you increase quantity. 
  • Retail Pre-Packaged (MOQ is 10 units per SKU). Our Brand Name for retail shops is Rainbow Kratom (to separate Laughing Lion from your brand in your store). Rainbow is the same incredible Kratom we sell to our customers every day but packaged in 30g, 60g, and 100g bags sealed and labeled with UPC's and appropriate warning stickers. We take the guesswork out of selling kratom!

To get more information and to speak to Cody J. for orders under one ton, please call 719-314-6830, or contact him at and he will respond as quickly as possible! For larger wholesale inquiries, call 888-895-7286 during weekdays to speak with Matt!