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What are Kratom Shots?

A kratom shot is a liquid extract from the Mitragyna Speciosa Plant. This liquid kratom extract combined with our ingredients is similar to an energy shot drink in size. Our Kratom shots come in 2 different strengths of potent kratom extract; 130 mg and 280+ mg. many flavors: In our ULTRA130 Shots, Lime, Butterscotch, and Toasted Marshmallow (a staff favorite!) And in our PRIME280+ Shots,  Pomegranate, Blue Raspberry, Chocolate Cherry, and of course, our favorite, Toasted Marshmallow! You can purchase the 2 different sizes as 1-bottle or multiple bottle packages (larger quantities save up to 30% or more!)

Laughing Lion Herbs kratom shots are considered the industry leader in quality and purity, thanks to our extraction process. Other brands in the Kratom industry have been known to artificially elevate concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine according to Alicia G. at the Department of BioMolecular Sciences at the University of Mississippi, who released a study Oct 17, 2016, in the Nation Library of Medicine.

In the following article, we discuss the proper serving size, ingredients, types, effects, and when and where to buy online.

What is the serving size of a Kratom Shot?

Our serving size for our Kratom Shots is 5 ml. 

What does each type of shot equal in relation to traditional Kratom Powder? A good rule of thumb is:


All our shots provide an additional 25% of the plant’s minor alkaloids resulting in a bio-identical full spectrum product! Hence total alkaloids are at 135mg for ULTRA’s and 287mg for PRIMEs!

For serving size, we recommend not taking more than 1 ml serving in a 24-hour period and after 3 consecutive days of use, take 1-2 days break. 

Our liquid kratom contains:

Alkaloids that are not detected in our shots but are present in some leaf samples: 


Before you start taking kratom shots, it is important to understand an individual's tolerances and carefully find your own serving size to actualize the effects you wish to achieve. 

Many people who have no experience with Kratom do very well with a serving size of 3 grams of powder. This type of serving size has been associated with certain experiences, while larger servings, ranging between 9 and 18 grams, may result in different effects.

However, there is no set, specific recommended serving size and individual responses may vary. For those considering kratom shots as an alternative to traditional substances, larger servings of Full-Spectrum Kratom Extract might be necessary, but this could also increase the potential for side effects and dependence. Yes, we absolutely believe that Kratom can cause dependence in some individuals with regular use. We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before beginning any sort of daily use of Kratom as well. To deal with dependence and any withdrawal please taper off your use of kratom over the period of 4-6 weeks (or whatever a healthcare provider recommends) and you should have little to no issues. Kratom is considered mild in terms of its symptoms of withdrawal should you cease regular use cold-turkey without a taper program. 

As a result, the appropriate serving size depends on the individual and their unique needs. We recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before trying any Kratom product!

In any case, it’s crucial to start with a smaller serving and gradually adjust as needed to gauge your tolerance and determine what works best for you. By doing so, you can better understand your personal response to kratom shots and the potential effects of the ingredients.

What are the ingredients of a Kratom Shot?

The ingredients of a liquid Kratom Shot are as follows:

What are the types of Kratom Shots

There are different types of kratom shots for sale you can buy at Laughing Lion Herbs. When it comes to a Kratom Shot, there is no “White”, “Green”, or “Red” strain nor Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, or Thai. The effects are very dependent on the user as well as the time of day and intended purpose of the use. Many people have heard of liquid gold kratom shots. They are well liked and in many stores around the country but we believe that ours far surpass the quality, taste, and effectiveness of the liquid gold kratom shots.

Our users report that using the shots in the morning/daytime will result in added energy and motivation and at night before bed, provide the relaxation and “warm fuzzies” typically associated with Red Vein kratom to help you relax before sleeping. 

For example, some users have associated the Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo and Malay strains with a perceived sense of well-being and a possible increase in energy levels. The kratom alkaloids contents of these strains have also been linked to experiences of feeling less stressed by some users. Additionally, some perceive the reduction of fatigue, discomfort of the mind, nervousness, social issues, and aiding with motivation. These strains all originate in Southeast Asia where the Kratom Plant is native to Thailand and spread to Malaysia and Indonesia where most of the current Kratom supplies in the United State come from. (Primarily the island of Borneo). The medicinal chemistry of this plant warrants further study in order to better understand its potential benefits and effects.

Do Kratom shots give you Energy?

Our liquid kratom shots have been associated with experiences related to energy boosts. Some users have reported a perceived increase in energy and concentration when using smaller servings, which may potentially influence productivity. After consuming kratom liquid shots, certain individuals have noted feeling revitalized and having a clear mind. However, it’s important to remember that individual responses may vary, and larger servings might lead to different effects. To better understand how kratom shots work for you, start with smaller servings and adjust as needed. Additionally, it’s worth noting that kratom shots, which contain the natural alkaloid mitragynine in nano form, are thought to have a faster onset compared to other forms of kratom. Further research is needed to understand the full spectrum of effects related to this ingredient.

What are the Side Effects of Kratom Shots

There are a few known possible side effects of kratom shots that you should be aware of. Most commonly we see complaints of constipation. Taking too much will also result in what is known to kratom consumers as the “Wobbles”. This is an unpleasant effect when the smooth muscles in the eyes become too relaxed causing a sense of dizziness and sometimes nausea. Going beyond this, people’s bodies tend to reject extreme overdoses which will cause them to throw up and feel like they’ve had food poisoning for a few hours. Some people will say that it’s impossible to overdose on Kratom. But there is not enough science to make that claim so, as with any natural supplement, use caution and wisdom and DO NOT ABUSE.

It could possibly have some negative impacts on the nervous system, such as dizziness, sleepiness which is why we recommend not driving or operating heavy machinery. However, remember that side effects are common for all kinds of dietary supplements, and ultimately, it comes down to the serving size. Too much of anything is never good. Therefore, make sure to check the amount right for you since users of kratom experience negative side effects in rare cases.

The possibility of becoming dependent on it and experiencing withdrawal symptoms are some of the most serious concerns connected with any form of kratom. As with any substance, taking regular breaks and pacing yourself will help this. If you do become dependent, you should be able to taper off over a 4-6 week period with little to no discomfort. If you feel you have become addicted to kratom or any other substance, please seek the help of a mental health expert or addiction recovery specialists. Just as with anything that makes you feel better, people can become addicted to kratom because addiction (as many journals are stating now) is more about the mental state of the individual and their ability to rein in themselves than the substance itself. Emerging research indicates that addiction is 100% in the mental illness arena and should not be confused with “dependence” which is a chemical dependence in the body for a substance used regularly. Coffee does this, sugar, all foods in general… as does Kratom when used daily without frequent breaks. 

When should you take Kratom Shots?

Kratom shots have been associated with various experiences by users. Some individuals have reported using kratom shots in the morning or during the day results in perceived reduction in fatigue, enhanced cognitive performance, energy, concentration, and better performance at work. However, it is essential to consider that individual experiences may differ.

Where to buy Kratom Shots online?

A reputable source for a kratom shot is Laughing Lion Herbs. Our brand offers a diverse product range of high-quality kratom products, from GMP Lab Tested Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules, Kratom Tablets, and liquid kratom extracts. We have an average Google Review Rating of 4.7-4.9 from thousands of verified customers. In addition to our competitive pricing, we offer multiple sales every month to make Kratom more accessible and keep it exciting! At Laughing Lion Herbs Kratom, we strive to provide the cleanest, finest, and highest quality products with confidence! With numerous new brands emerging, it can be challenging to decide where to purchase kratom liquid extract. So, consider Laughing Lion in Colorado for your kratom shot needs, as we pride ourselves in our world-class products and customer service. You must be over 21 years of age to purchase Kratom Shots.


Are Kratom Shots Preferred Over Powder or Capsules?

Determining if a kratom shot is preferred over powder or capsules is subjective to each individual. Many customers report the vastly improved taste as a huge benefit to using Kratom Shots. Over 98% of our customers also report that our Liquid Kratom Shots feel as good if not better than Powdered Kratom. However, as it’s individual to each person, different forms of kratom may yield varying experiences for different people. Some regular users might prefer a kratom shot, while others may favor capsules or powder. 

Ultimately, individual preferences play a significant role in this choice. Liquid kratom is simply an alternative method for consuming kratom and should not be considered to be better to other forms. And the cost of liquid kratom extract is certainly several factors higher than powdered kratom. To save money, we always recommend that our shots are used as a special treat or for convenience while traveling. However, some users have reported a perceived sense of immediate energy from taking one kratom shot, as well as their ease of use and potentially quicker onset, which could be reasons why certain individuals prefer them over other forms.

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