Is Kratom Safe? The Benefits and Risks Explained

Posted by Laughing Lion Herbs on 10th Aug 2023

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is formally known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It’s been a popular herb in South and East Asia (where it originates) for some time, and it’s quickly starting to gain popularity in the western world as well. Kratom comes from a tropical evergreen plant, and this plant is in the same family as other recognizable plants like coffee. Most kratom sold in the United States or online originates in Indonesia.

Legal Risk: Is Kratom Legal in the United States?

As of now, if you live in the United States, kratom is completely legal with the exception of a few states that have banned it at a state level, and customers can buy it in stores that sell natural supplements or alternative medicines. It’s also easy to buy kratom through an app or on the internet. However, kratom has been classified as illegal in some European Union countries as well as Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. The United States government briefly considered outlawing kratom, but reconsidered that idea and held off on passing judgment on the substance. The government’s reluctance to make a ruling on kratom was largely caused by the overwhelming support of those who have used kratom, as well as the curiosity of medical professionals.

Some members of the medical community believe that kratom has massive potential in the pharmaceutical realm, but at this point, there isn’t enough research to form completely solid opinions. That’s part of the reason so many members of the medical community resisted a prohibition on kratom. If kratom were outlawed it would make it much more difficult to study its effects, and that would delay the progress of potentially using it for medical purposes. Scientists are still trying to determine if kratom has medical uses, and if so, what exactly those uses are. Most people are also undecided on whether or not kratom is addictive in any way.

Physical Risk: How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom contains more than 40 compounds and 25 alkaloids, but the main active ingredients that give kratom its benefits are two alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. We cannot go into the effects that these may or may not have on people because at this time, the law prevents us from making medical claims of any kind. And we don’t make claims.

Global Research about Kratom

Scientists in the Western world still have a decent amount of catching up to do when it comes to comparing kratom with other substances and extracts. Kratom has a significant legacy in Southeast Asia, where farmers often chew on the leaves or use them to make tea. Most of the known history of kratom from this part of the world is anecdotal. The farmworkers who enjoy kratom chew the leaves while they toil away in the field. The people who use kratom seem to really love it, but these stories and testimonials from individuals do not constitute thorough research.

As time goes on, scientists, doctors, and other medical professionals will develop a better understanding of the exact pros and cons of kratom. The current uncertainty can be intimidating, but it also makes now the right time to be an early adapter as far as the kratom opportunity. As the valid scientific research surrounding kratom becomes more complete, people will begin to get factual evidence about how safe kratom is and how useful it can be. One of the most exciting questions scientist are trying to answer is about whether or not kratom might be a better alternative to some other dangerous pharmaceutical products.

Types of Kratom Strains

It’s one thing to know that kratom comes from a tropical plant like coffee does, but it’s another thing entirely to fully understand where the kratom we use comes from. The alkaloids in kratom are found in the leaves. To help with the ingestion of these alkaloids, the kratom leaves are normally dried either by the sun or in a commercial dehydrator. After the product is thoroughly dried out, it is easier to crush or turn into a powder.

Kratom leaves themselves are typically a dark green color, but the powdered extracts might be light green or even light brown if they also contain extracts from other natural plants. One of the most popular ways to ingest kratom is by brewing a tea, but people also chew the leaves, use it as a paste, or swallow capsules or tablets.

In addition to the many different ways to consume kratom, there are also different strains of the actual plant. The different strains can normally be identified by the color of the veins in their leaves.

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