Kava 30% CO2 Extracted Water Soluble Extract

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The Kava CO2 Extracted Water Soluble Extract 30% is not your ordinary product, this is a better and longer lasting extract than is even used in Leilo Kava drinks!

It is a revolutionary enhancer that will take your kratom experience to new heights. Made from pure lateral roots and using an improved extraction process, this extract contains an impressive 30% kavalactone content with a noble chemotype. But what sets it apart is its superior water solubility making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a premium extract.

Quality is at the core of our business. With years of experience in the Kava industry, we understand the importance of superior products. That's why we source our Kava extract powders directly from industry experts, ensuring the highest quality available. Say no to cheap, mass-produced extracts from China and choose Laughing Lion for hand-selected Borogu variety Kava roots. These roots are meticulously washed, hand-peeled, and air dried indoors, preserving the integrity of the kavalactones.

Our proprietary processing technology sets us apart from the competition. We prioritize retaining the premium chemotype of our starting material and achieving unparalleled water solubility in our powdered Kava extract. No other method on the market can match our full spectrum potency.

Rest assured that our products undergo rigorous lab testing to meet strict quality controls. We test for contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, and individual kavalactone content to ensure a consistent, high-quality Kava product. Unlike extracts produced in China, which often come from undesirable varieties and leave users feeling tired and nauseated, our extracts are exclusively made from noble chemotype Kava, providing a superior experience.

Experience the full potential of your kratom with the Kava Water Soluble Extract 30%. Elevate your relaxation and chill time with a product backed by expertise, testing, and a commitment to quality. Discover the difference Laughing Lion's Extract can make and unleash the ultimate kratom potentiator today.