Kratom Specifics

Kratom has more than 47 currently identified alkaloids present in the plant leaves. The two most recognized Alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Many believe that Mitragynine is singularly responsible for the strength of a kratom batch. However, we have determined this is unlikely to be true.


Just like the difference between using Cannabis flower vs dabbing or a pure THC extract, there is a significant difference that can be “felt” when one removes the other components that are present in Kratom. We strongly believe in keeping Kratom as close to nature as possible.  The amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine in kratom leaves is almost undetectable. Usually a couple tenths of a percent in total concentration. When someone concentrates kratom, they should reduce or remove the 7-hydroxy because the current science we have suggests that in higher concentrations than occur in nature it could be less than ideal.

Thus, what we sell is simply Kratom leaf powder/capsules. Kratom is available in many “strains”, “colors”, and “blends”. However, there is much confusion surrounding these differences.


Kratom Colors:


Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a single species of tree. Growing 25-100’ tall or more and fast growing at that. Our own indoor grow has seen 6 feet of growth in 8 months! There are no “Red Kratom Trees” or “White Kratom Trees”.


  • Green Vein Kratom are the mature leaves of the tree picked and dried indoors or in shade.

  • White Vein Kratom leaves are smaller, immature leaves that are picked prior to full growth.

  • Red Vein Kratom are mature leaves that are dried in the sun causing them to turn darker into a red/brown color or dried indoors retaining a more green color to the powder but retaining the same properties .

  • Bentuangie is a standard green leaf that is first placed in large clear plastic bags and left in the sun to oxidize and ferment for days and then dried out in the sun once the desired color is reached. This oxidation results in a very dark brown/ruddy color that also changes the effects of the leaf and provides a much sweeter and earthier taste. However, it can also cause high levels of mold and other undesirable issues. Laughing Lion does not sell fermented products any more due to these factors.



Differences between the colors:


  • Green Kratom is generally recognized for its well-balanced effects. Purported to promote mental clarity, mood lift, energy, and it’s best liked during the day.

  • White Kratom is generally recognized for its increased promotion of energy, mental focus, and a mild lift to the mood.

  • Red Kratom is generally recognized for its promotion of relaxation, calm, feelings of wellbeing, mild mood lifting, and the most commonly used strain and often used at night.


These colors are more important in terms of choosing kratom for use than the actual strains themselves. Since there is only one tree, the differences between the actual strains are minute. The power of the mind to influence what one “feels” affects the differences more than any perceptible difference between them from a scientific standpoint. The “Placebo” effect is incredibly powerful. Many long-time Kratom users will swear they can tell drastic differences, but we’ve seen that in about 95% of cases, changing the “strain” but calling it the same thing, people don’t notice any difference at all. Even knowing this truth, the “placebo” effect still causes differences to be felt when I personally use the different strains.

Where Kratom is harvested:

The vast majority of our kratom is harvested from the very mature and old forests of kratom that are found in Indonesia. We have found that the vast majority of our customers prefer wild-harvested kratom over the more common and plentiful farmed (plantation) kratom.​​

Differences Between Strains:


The 3 “Core” Single Strains:

Wild Kratom grows in abundance all over the Indonesian Island of Borneo. We import Green, Red, and strains from a variety of regions over Borneo to create the "Core" single strains.

  • Maeng Da

  • Bali

  • Thai

  • Malay (Green Only)

  • Hulu

These core strains are then used to create all our Signature Blends by carefully balancing the best effects we want to bring forward in the particular blend!


Single Strains
Stimulating Strains:
  • Maeng Da: The most popular strain in the US and is a “pure strain”, not mixed with other leaf. Many believe it to be the best kratom out there or the “strongest”. However, this is simply not true. While it’s an excellent product, it is no stronger than any other strain and the strength is simply dependent on the particular batch. Generally thought to be on the more energetic side for all 3 strain colors.

  • Thai: A blend that is a combination of some of the core strains, Thai strains tend to be more bitter in taste but sometimes quicker acting and the generally thought to be the “fastest” of the strains.

Relaxing Strains:
  • Bali: is a blend of a couple of different strains. Red Bali, our #2 best selling strain actually contains a small amount of white leaf in it. Generally thought to be more balanced and somewhat relaxing vs energizing.

  • Borneo:Tends to be effective for use at night and to help one to relax before bedtime and promote a better night’s sleep.

  • Malay:We only carry Green Malaysian because while not terribly popular, the Green Malay has an appeal to many as a great strain for relaxing while simultaneously providing the mood elevation many desire but without the drastic energy increase other greens may cause.

Moderate Strains:
  • Hulu: The final “pure” strain, Hulu is generally testing as strong or stronger than Ketapang leaf in its Mitragynine content (although this can vary between batches) and is, similar to Ketapang, generally thought to be well balanced and strong. It tends to test strongest in Mitragynine over any of the other strains. Red Hulu in particular is very popular for its strength and balance.

  • Ketapang (we do not carry this strain): Another pure strain, Ketapang is generally one of the strongest available strains. Very popular for its unique name, Ketapang is generally thought to be a well-balanced strain good for use during the day or for night.

  • Sumatra (we do not carry this strain): A very well balanced strain that many find desirable across all 3 colors. Generally thought to be energizing and yet relaxing at the same time providing a great option for any time of day or night.



LLH Blends: These proprietary blends are what makes our Kratom unique in the industry!
  • Electrobuzz: An all White Blend that is one of our best selling blends combining 4 different whites designed to provide the best possible promotion of energy and mood lifting.

  • Fuzzy Blanket:  Our #1 Selling Product! Winner of 1st Place from Kratom Vendor it is a blend of Green and Red kratom that provides the greatest combination of relaxation, promotion of wellbeing, and aid with relaxing before bed. Comfort for the body after a long day is it’s hallmark!

  • Golden Thai: A popular blend of White and Red Thai strains that provide a bitter taste, but a sweet result! Tending towards balanced energy and comfort while allowing focus and feelings of wellbeing.

  • Apex: An all Green Blend designed to provide promotion of mood lifting, mild energy, comfort, and increased wellbeing.

  • Ignite! Similar to Golden Thai, it is another Red and White blend but this one is geared more towards promotion of energy and focus with the balancing effect that red provides.

  • Rocket Fuel: A Green/White blend that is designed to promote energy for a hard day’s work granting promotion of mental clarity, energy, and wellbeing.

  • Ryujin:It takes the guesswork out of anyone looking for a red vein kratom. Combining the best of the red strains, Ryujin provides one of the strongest comforting effects but also balanced relaxation without feelings of tiredness.