The Truth About Kratom


Before we get started, please read and understand that Kratom CAN be habit forming in some individuals. Extended daily use does sometimes result in physical dependence with sudden ceasing of use causing mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. This is highly variable based on the individual, their use, the amount they choose to consume, etc. To lower the potential for this, its always advisable to take 2-3 day breaks every couple weeks if using daily. While this does not guarantee reduction of possible symptoms, it may help. ALWAYS SPEAK WITH A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TRYING KRATOM. THERE MAY BE UNKNOWN INTERACTIONS WITH ILLICT SUBSTANCES, PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS, OTHER SUPPLEMENTS, OR PREEXISTING HEALTH CONDITIONS. Do your research and don't abuse Kratom.

Kratom. It's one of the most misunderstood and wrongfully accused substances in the world today. The FDA calls it an "opiate", the Mayo Clinic says it has not medicinal value, and there are a few parents, spouses, or friends who truly believe that Kratom killed their partner, friend, or child. 

The problem is that people do not understand the SCIENCE of kratom. To date (October 2022), there has not been one solitary death that has been solely attributed to just kratom (that has ruled out the possibility of polydrug use, pre existing medical conditions, etc). 

Despite what Big Pharmaceutical companies would have you believe, Kratom has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years by indigenous peoples all over SE Asia with no records of deaths or even serious side effects. 

The ONLY deaths and significant side effects have come from ADULTERATED Kratom. This is kratom that has been combined with dangerous drugs, chemicals, or other substances in an attempt to give it a "high" or unnatural euphoric feeling. 

Natural unadulterated Kratom has a nice gentle boost to wellbeing which some would call euphoria but it is not a "high" as is created with drugs such as fentanyl, oxycodone, heroin, cocaine and others. These illicit drugs and prescription pills have fueled the Opioid Epidemic for decades.

In all reality, there are an estimated 15-18 million Americans using Kratom in 2022! If Kratom was so bad, you'd think there would be FAR higher numbers of deaths than ZERO! (Any death is tragic and our hearts go out to any and all who have lost loved ones due to any reason such as drug abuse, health conditions, or other situations where they have also been kratom users. But even the deaths that are erroneously being attributed to Kratom are so few that there is no statistical evidence showing there is a death risk to natural, pure Kratom. 

So while there is always a risk to consuming anything, and we always recommend that you speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any supplement or natural product like Kratom, we truly believe that the benefits outway the risks when Kratom is properly pure and natural!


PURE Kratom has been used safely for hundreds of years

Kratom is an effective tool for many Americans

Hundreds of thousands claim it changed their lives