What Is Kratom

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What Is Kratom?

So what is Kratom? Why is it valued by so many millions of people across the US? What are the differences between the colors, strains, and blends?

Kratom is native to Southeast Asia. It occurs naturally on several islands in Indonesia. Kratom has been used for over 1,000 years in these regions of the world where they pick and chew the leaves for many reasons, not the least of which is, increased energy for working, mental clarity, sense of well-being, soothing and relaxing tired sore muscles, and much more.

In the USA, most kratom is sold as dried leaves ground into a fine powder and packaged in capsules or in bulk form.

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Kratom IS Legal Almost Everywhere!

Kratom is currently legal Federally in the United States but there are some states and local jurisdictions that have banned or restricted its use. It is illegal in the following States: Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, and Rhode Island. It is also banned in Sarasota County in Florida, San Diego, CA, Denver, CO (can be sold and used but must be labeled "not for human consumption"), and Monument, CO (cannot be sold within city limits but no use restrictions) (updated April, 2022 - Subject to change)

To learn more about the fight to keep kratom legal and ongoing battling of the FDA and misinformation please visit our friends at the American Kratom Association and get involved!

How Do We Protect the Consumer?

Laughing Lion is one of only a few kratom manufacturers in the entire country who are cGMP Qualified! This means we are inspected and certified to follow the strictest guidelines for our cleanroom, material handling, testing, PPE / Safety equipment, and record keeping.

You can trust that the kratom you purchase from us is tested, pure, and clean!

Is Kratom Safe to Use?

By The Numbers:

  • There are an estimated 15+ Million Americans using kratom
  • There have been ZERO proven deathes attributed to kratom alone
    (New England Journal of Medicine Article debunks deaths in Colorado)
  • A 2016 petition attracted over 142,000 signers to support kratom
  • 1,175 doctors, scientists, law officers, and vets told the DEA not to ban Kratom
  • 62 members of the US Congress (Bipartisan) said "Don't ban Kratom"
  • Leading experts in addiction and scientists at John's Hopkins and Universtity of Florida are showing low addiction liability and significant health benefits in animal studies.

Science seems to indicate the relative risk of kratom is low. The science being published recently seems to tell us that while there is risk to everything, there seems to be less risk of addiction and less chances of serious complications from it. However, poly drug use (combining kratom with other illicit drugs such as opiates, meth, cocaine, and methadone to name a few), has been attributed to a few deaths across the US. Could Kratom increase the risk of these other very highly dangerous drugs? Science doesn't know yet. 

Personal testimonies abound stating there are few to no side-effects. Yet, that is not proof. Side effects exist for anything. Even water can have side effects in excess so the question then becomes more about the overall safety profile and it's benefits to you. Does the benefits you get outweigh the unknown side-effects? Only you can decide for yourself (with a medical professional's guidance as we always recommend)

Why Choose Laughing Lion?

Laughing Lion stands at the forefront of the Kratom industry making sure that we abide by all local and federal guidelines for Kratom. We operate a cGMP qualified facility, ensuring our labeling is FDA compliant, and set exceptional standards of quality and excellence in all we do.

Laughing Lion stands behind the AKA's Truth in Labeling Program, accuracy of our testing, and making sure that we do nothing to contaminate or adulterate kratom. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TRYING KRATOM! This is vital! You do not want to use something that could cause issues for you based on existing health conditions or possible contraindications with other medications/herbs.