What is Kratom


Kratom is what we call the leaves from the mitragyna speciosa tree. This tropical tree grows naturally in Southeast Asia and has a long history of being popular in Thailand and Malaysia in particular. The mitragyna speciosa tree is part of the Rubiaceae family, which is the same family the coffee tree belongs to. Kratom leaves may be enjoyed whole and raw in parts of the world where they grow naturally, or they may be ground and crushed to make them easier to handle. Here in the United States, kratom almost always comes in its powdered form, and may even be put into capsules.

Is Kratom New?

 Some people assume kratom is a new discovery because it’s only started to get attention in the United States recently. The truth is, though that the first documented stories of people enjoying kratom are from the 1800s, and many believe people have had a relationship with kratom since ancient times. It was especially popular for physical laborers (who needed energy during the day and had pain at night) to chew on kratom leaves throughout the day. Some scientists have also been studying kratom for decades, though research may be accelerating now as more people become interested in kratom, especially in the United States where the opioid problem continues.

 Types of Kratom

 There are many different types or strains of kratom. Some of our customers like to try a little bit of each of the following types of kratom before deciding which type is their favorite:

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