What is Kratom?

Discover the Marvels of Kratom: Your Ultimate Guide

Curious about Kratom? Wondering why millions of people across the US value it? Interested in understanding the differences between colors, strains, and blends, and how it can enhance your life? Look no further!

Kratom, native to Southeast Asia, thrives on exotic islands like Borneo, Hulu Kapuas, and Ketapang in Indonesia. It also grows in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Did you know that over 99% of the kratom in the USA comes from the lush island of Borneo?

For over 1,000 years, the people of these regions have enjoyed the benefits of Kratom. They pick and chew the leaves for various reasons, including boosting energy for work, enhancing mental clarity, and overcoming challenging days. In the USA, Kratom is typically available in powdered form (capsules or bulk powder) or as extracts (liquids, powders, tablets, and more).

At Laughing Lion, we offer you the purest form of Kratom, with no additives or artificial alterations. Our commitment to quality ensures an authentic experience that remains unmatched.

Dive Deeper into the World of Kratom

Discover the various ways to consume Kratom. While dried leaf powder remains the most popular choice, we understand that its taste may not appeal to everyone. We'll guide you through the options, from the best-tasting methods to the fastest but less palatable alternatives.

Understanding the Risks

Rest assured, extensive research is being conducted on Kratom by renowned universities like John's Hopkins and the University of Florida, along with independent researchers. No certified proven deaths from unadulterated Kratom overdose have been reported at the time of this article (yes there are some that are being reported by the FDA and media but there is no evidence proving that Kratom alone was responsible and its only a couple).

While risks may exist, it's promising to note that Kratom hasn't shown respiratory depression or caused liver or kidney damage in rats and mice. However, thorough research is essential, as with any substance we consume. We encourage you to assess the benefits versus potential risks, particularly those yet unknown. With over 18 million estimated daily users in the United States alone, Kratom's safety profile seems quite favorable. But always talk to your doctor first because we do not fully understand the risks involved and there may be unforeseen issues with certain medical conditions, medicines, or other possible situations. 

Why Choose Laughing Lion?

Laughing Lion stands out among kratom manufacturers nationwide as one of the first cGMP Qualified vendors. Our dedication to quality extends beyond strict guidelines for cleanrooms, material handling, testing, safety equipment, and record-keeping. Here's what sets us apart:

Fair Trade Kratom: We prioritize fair wages for farmers, ensuring they can support their families. In return, we receive exceptional quality and consistency, as we invest in premium products.

Homogenization and Lab Testing: Each batch of kratom goes through rigorous homogenization, filtering, and mixing in large food-grade stainless steel ribbon blenders. This meticulous process ensures complete consistency and accuracy, as we take multiple samples from different areas for the most precise test results.

Quality Standards: We maintain stringent quality guidelines to deliver a superior product. Harvest timing, drying methods, rainfall prior to harvest, and purity all contribute to the wide variability in kratom quality. At Laughing Lion, we refuse to compromise on our high standards. If it doesn't meet our criteria, we won't sell it!

Kratom Legality

While Kratom remains legal in most states, it is currently prohibited in Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Rhode Island. Certain regions, including Sarasota County in Florida and San Diego, CA, have also imposed bans without comprehensive research. We stand alongside the American Kratom Association, a remarkable advocacy non-profit group, in their efforts to bring the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to states nationwide. This bill promotes transparency, sets minimum purchase ages (18 or 21), requires adherence to cGMP standards, and mandates rigorous safety protocols and testing for each bag of Kratom sold.

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Discover the incredible world of Kratom and experience its wonders. With over 18 million daily users in the US, you're not alone in embracing the benefits of this remarkable plant. Choose Laughing Lion for a truly exceptional Kratom experience.