Kratom Extract Gummies - 25mg Mitragynine ea (31mg total alkaloids)

Laughing Lion Herbs Kratom

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Using the same incredible nano extract as our ULTRA130 & PRIME280+ Liquid Shots!

Looking for a kratom nano shot that won’t knock you off your feet but still gets the job done? Look no further than Laughing Lion Herbs' Kratom Gummies! The perfect balance of strength and flavor. With 31mg of total kratom alkaloids (25mg Mit) it's perfect to micro-serve or find your exact tolerance level. 4 gummies will equal just about 1 ULTRA130 shot in terms of effect and 9 gummies would equal a PRIME280+. Do the math! It's the cheapest way to get your kratom extract!

And did we mention the flavor? These taste AMAZING! There is no other gummy on the planet that is better at hiding the bitterness of Kratom. 


Ultra Premium Kratom Gummy With 25mg Mit! (75% MIT + 25% MINOR ALKALOIDS - Total Alkaloids 31mg)

Patent-Pending 100% Natural Food-Grade Extract with ZERO Residual Solvents


Each 25mg Gummy Contains

  • 25mg Mitragynine 75% Concentration PLUS 25% Minor Alkaloids! Includes all original alkaloids in the same percentages naturally occurring in the plant. Total alkaloids 31.25mg
  • Great Tasting
  • Does not appear to affect tolerance like older generations of extracts!
  • Equal to aprox 2-3g of Kratom Leaf - Very Strong!


Recommended Serving: 2-4 gummies (Suggested use no more than 4 gummies per day and take a 1-2 day break every few days). DO NOT GIVE TO MINORS/CHILDREN!


Concerned About Tolerance? Don't be! These Shots Are Guaranteed to work just as well at kratom powder or better!

Discover the Power of Kratom Extracts: Unleash Your Alkaloid Potential!

- Unlock the full potential of Kratom: Dive into the world of alkaloids and experience their incredible effects on your well-being.
- Fast-track your journey: Elevate your experience with our premium extracts, designed to deliver alkaloids swiftly into your bloodstream.
- Unveiling the truth: Did you know that your body can't distinguish between the alkaloids found naturally in Kratom and those in our extracts? It's all about preserving the integrity of these incredible molecules.
- Embrace the bioidentical revolution: Our alkaloids are meticulously crafted to mirror nature, maintaining the perfect balance and structure. Say goodbye to the rapid tolerance issues associated with inferior extracts that rely on harsh chemicals or isolated mitragynine alone.
- Harness the "Entourage Effect": Our extracts harness the full potential of Kratom's alkaloids, working in harmony to provide an unparalleled experience.

Experience the difference. Embrace the power of bioidentical alkaloids. Unleash your true potential with our exceptional Kratom extracts.


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